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Update Thread
Updates as of 7/4/19 at 12:18 AM EST
  • Shapechange dot command
  • Increase to the .spec to allow 4 skills at 100, 4 at 80, 4 at 60 and 4 craft skills to 100
  • Activated Bushido, Ninjitsu, Necromancy, Spellweaving and Mystiscm for testing.
  • Deactivated Imbuing
  • "Young" characters will get transported to the fountain on Summer Isle when they die
  • The help / physically stuck option will transport characters to the fountain on Summer Isle
  • MOTD should be in EST instead of CST. Allows travel to multiple facets for players with approved application (prop ApprovedApplication).
  • Skills that showed up for staff but not players should be fixed.
  • Alchemy has been enabled but the potions list has some errors. Creating potions should work. Requires a mortar and pestle and an apothecary table to craft.
  • Glassblowing has been enabled as a book skill of alchemy. Requires 80 alchemy, a blowpipe, and a furnace to craft.
  • Sand mining has been enabled as a book skill of mining. Requires 80 mining and a shovel. The sand is misnamed but should still work for glassblowing.

Please test these updates, and report any errors on the bug board.

Wiki Updated: Lara 7/6/19
Updates as of 7/27/19 at 2:00PM EST

  • Spellweaving has been enabled without requiring a quest
  • Treasure maps, cartography maps, and messages in a bottle are temporarily disabled. (Cartography is essentially nonfunctional until they are re-enabled)
  • OSI magery reagents have been renamed to be magical herbs.
  • Magical herb harvesting is now a book skill of lumberjacking, called "Wildcrafting". Requires using an "herb basket" on forest tiles to harvest.
  • Necromancy reagents have been renamed/regraphic-ed.
  • Necromancy reagents can be mined using the book skill "Visceral Reaping". [INCOMPLETE as of 07/08/2019: will require a shovel to be used on swamp tiles or near a grave stone to harvest.]
  • Chivalry has been renamed to Devotion. Bushido has been renamed to Precision. Ninjitsu has been renamed to Deception. 
  • OSI alchemy potions have been changed to use Grimmwold potions/reagents.
  • Cooking now requires an oven for crafting. Magical dyes are now a book skill of cooking.
  • Horticulture is a book skill of farming.
  • Comraich races have been removed.
  • RacialHairStylist now has all hair colors available since there are no more races. 
  • .spec primary skills and trade skills can go up to 120 instead of 100. Change undone to prepare for this:
  • Added small random chance to harvest bonus resources when lumberjacking (Bark fragment, luminescent fungi, switch, parasitic plant, brilliant amber)
  • Skills have been shuffled around. TasteID is now Farming, ItemID is now Artistry, and (TasteID, ItemID, ArmsLore) have all been rolled into Forensic Eval. 
  • Grimmwold Artistry has been added. Requirers a "painting palette" tool, which is craftable via Carpentry. Requires being near an easel to craft.
  • Basketweaving and Pottery are now book skills of Artistry. Basketweaving also uses the painting palette. Pottery uses "pottery tools", craftable by Carpentry, and you must be near a kiln to craft. 

Update: Lara did all wiki updates to this point
Updated 7/30/19

  • Removed Special Dyes from Hairstyist
  • Reduced logout delay from 5 minutes to 20 seconds
Updates as of 8/4/2019 10:10AM EST
  • Gold Stack changed to 10,000 All items are now stackable to 10,000. 
  • Jeonbok, Hanten, FurCaftan moved to shirts.
  • Soft leather boots moved to footwear.
  • Belted pants moved to pants.
  • Fixed ingredient misnaming in alchemy menu
  • Fixed cliloc error in blacksmith menu
  • MOTD Fixed
  • NPCs now buy items at a reduced rate.
  • Mob's gold loot is reduced.
  • Hanten and Fur Caftan now correctly say they use cloth (instead of leather) in the tailor menu.
  • CrashGuard fixed to allow the process to be automatically restarted, hopefully under most circumstances
  • Postal system now lets you register alchemy and inscription craft skills
  • Herb baskets and pottery tools added to master woodsman
  • Prospecting tools added to master metalsmith

Player Economy
The changes to loot drops and loot sales are the first of a bigger plan to balance gold.  These two fixes were easy to implement and we were a bit more aggressive then we eventually hope to be but we want to get the high end hunting spawned and don't want that to be an OH SHIT situation.  So we are being cautious.  I will also be starting a thread to track gold obtained via hunting once the update goes in.  We are also going to be increasing the number of player made items purchased by NPCs once we do a review.

Map & Statics Update
We have another sneak preview of the world map, this time with Drokk, Tara and Andal in.  Its not done, and we have a lot of polishing to do around the cities in CED, but if you just want to see it, and are will to post/review it, then you can ask a staffer to move you to the new map so you can explore it.  Bring a horse ...
Updates as of 8/11/19 9:45AM EST
  • Dough and Sweet Dough are now stackable
  • Spirit speak now heals you
  • Fix for Lizardmen so they no longer crash the shard
  • Plant bowls now display their name properly
  • Carpentry changed from using just boards to using logs or boards.
  • Missing carpentry, masonry, glassblowing, and tinkering items from Grimmwold added back in (except some that are missing essential pieces. See
  • Arcane Circle scroll and a Gift of Renewal scroll have been added to the master mage.  An arcane circle has been placed on Summer Isle:
  • Arrow drops on centaurs reduced.
  • Magic items will now properly display themselves ... kinky.  Magic items show up as unidentified until Forensics is used to identify them.
  • How armor works has been added to the wiki:
  • Wander of the Void has been disabled.
  • Fine carpentry and Sidhe carpentry added as book skills of carpentry. Books can be found on the Master Woodsman.
  • Wide loom weaving added as a book skill of tailoring. Requires wide loom in craft area. Wide loom shuttle tool is craftable by tinkers. Book is found on the Farm Master.
  • Sand mining and Stone mining books added to the master metalsmith. They are both book skills for mining.
Spell weaving and Necromancy are functioning at limited capacity.  The wiki has been updated to indicate that.  Players may request a skill swap if they have taken either and want to have something else in the mean time.  We intend to fix this in the next few weeks, but it will take some focus.  (Your skill in focus has gone up by %0.01)
There has been an update to the application that will require review by all players, even ones with approved applications:

Shard Plot Line
Access to the world map is restricted to those characters who are intending to active participate in the shard plot line. Please explain how you intend for your character to be involved. Read More ...
There has been updates to both rules and the application:


One Account. You, yourself, are allowed only one account on our shard and in RPCSS. If you have more then one account and we find out that its not your spouse, roommate or house elf we will ban your accounts until we sort it out. We reserve the right to request voice verification. As per the one account rule, we expect you to maintain only one discord chat name in our community.

Transparency. Our community has always been a place of transparency. Even from day one we have expected players to use their real names, to have only one account, and to be upfront and honest about which characters they are playing or which nicknames they are using. This has not changed, and we expect honest and upfront transparency. If you are known to our community, we expect you to be clear about that with us. If you have a valid reason to hide your identity then you are welcome to speak to an admin privately.

To that end, the application now requires the following for all further applications:

Previous Characters: If you have played on our shards in the past by what names would we know you.

We thought this should have been obvious to anyone who has been a guest in our living room before. But on the chance that you forgot or misunderstood please consider this your warning that should we discover a problem down the line, and then further discover there has not been full transparency, there will be no "first offense warning".
Player Vs Player

The wiki has been updated:  

If I've not answered your questions you may PM me to discuss.  I'm asking us NOT to make this a large public conversation because I've discovered that the minute you mention PvP in a group of RPers it turns into a lot of stupid worse case assumptions that winds everyone up. So just come talk to me.
Updates as of 8/18/19 11:30AM EST
  • Fixed issue with circlets/gemmed circlets not being equippable
  • Fast travel NPCs have been added. GMs use command ".fasttravelnpc" to set it up. Players will not be able to fast travel without the flag "WorldMapAccess" set to true by staff.
  • Underhill (Ilshenar) Map has been updated to reduce trees.
  • Race tags have been added to props for Sanctuary races. This currently has no game mech effect on players. Staff set the prop "SancRace". 
  • Disabled riding mounts while .shapechanged out of human form.
  • Fixed bug with Wildcrafting where it would occasionally start harvesting and then stop without any messages.
  • You can no longer mine and smelt at the same time.
  • Potions are now in line with what they were on Grimm. Restoratives are more effective and higher-level poisons are more deadly.
  • "Fancy leather overtunic" has been renamed to what it actually is, "Fancy laced overtunic". Moved to shirts and set to use cloth for crafting.
  • Plate bracers should now have an armor rating.
  • Plate arms with cape should now be layered properly.
  • Underhill (Ilshenar) has been released and can be accessed via the cave entrance on the way to the undead.
  • Some further adjustments to loot amount, and removing of items that should not be given to players at this point
  • Fix a bug with .shapechange that would crash the shard
  • Login Screen now says Sanctuary

The New Player Q&A has been updated:
Update 8-25-2019 9:30 am
  • Summer Isle map update: Removed some crafting stations in the shops so we could place real ones
  • Summer Isle Map update: Removed the "ulster" undergrounds
  • World Map updated from more CED work, as well as clearings for Forts.  Connections made in some of the dungeons to create an additional dungeon run.
  • Dummies will now train fencing, swords, mace, and wrestling up to 120.  As will archery buttes train to 120.
  • You can now mine for necromantic reagents. Learn from the 'Visceral Reaping Book', purchasable by the master metalsmith. Dig with a 'cursed shovel', craftable by tinkers. Before setting out, READ HERE:
  • Clothing was being destroyed on player corpse decay. This has been removed for the time being until we can properly apply durability to clothing items, and the ability to repair them
  • Some of the newer pieces of armor were not on armor layers allowing stacking of AR above the six standard slots.  They have been returned to their correct locations.  If you were wearing one of them, they should have de-equipped and placed themselves in your pack.
  • Speed boots have had a bug fixed.
  • Magery messages have been updated to be more precise.
  • Vampiric Embrace and Lich Form (Necromancy) have been changed to come into alignment with our pre-AOS design:

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