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Skill Swap Week

It is a beautiful sunny May 1st, at least it is in Miami! And I hope you are all doing well. Starting today, we will have a skill swap week, from May 1st to May 7th. Should you wish to swap a skill out with another please page in game to do so and we will get to the page as soon as possible. As always wishing you all happy hunting in game, great role play of course, and a whole lot of health and happiness.

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Just a reminder to everyone: When staff comes to swap your skill out, you need to do the following so that you don't mess up your .spec'ed skills:
1) Wait for a staff member get the value of the old skill from you
2) Then you get rid of the old skill in .spec and replace it with the NEW skill. Both skills will be set to 0.
3) THEN staff can set your new skill.

If your new skill is not set in .spec prior to the staffer giving you skill points, you won't get any skill gains for that skill and any edits to your spec after that will zero out your hard work Wink
After discussing this further, we have decided that you can page in game for a skill swap 1-2 times per month, for the time being since we are currently making updates often and skill usage is changing. At a later date this may change and we may no longer allow skill swaps as often. This is also of course dependent on staff time/effort, so please keep that in mind if you page and it does not happen immediately. Thank you.

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