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Update Thread
  • First phase of the Translation System is going in. Player speech will be translated to Portuguese (only for now) that can be viewed either in a new journal, or as overhead text, or both. The wiki will soon be updated with full details, but to use it to start with, there is now a Translated Journal button next to the Journal button at the top of the screen. You can have both your normal journal as well as the translated journal open at the same time. English will be displayed in the normal journal, Portuguese in the translated journal for all player speech.
  • New dot command .overheadlang that will allow you to specify which language you want to see as overhead text. Passing ENG  to the command (ex. .overheadlang ENG) will specify to the server that you want all overhead text to be English, passing POR (ex. .overheadlang POR) will specify you want to see all overhead text in Portuguese. This has no effect on the text displayed in the journals, just what the text looks like over players heads.
Updated September 18th at 6:45AM EST
  • Added Battle Chess system for the festival this weekend
  • Added jousting from Grimmwold for the festival the weekend
Updated October 11th at 5:00PM ESST

  • Fixed the stat buff from Glade's grace to properly scale with Spirit Speak
  • Increased the duration of Wither trap after it gets activated to 12 seconds, and increased the pacify time for mobs that enter the trap to 6 seconds - WIKI
  • Increased the duration of Magic Malaise to 12 seconds - WIKI
  • Various fixes to some of the crafting menu clilocs
  • Fix for fish taken from Aquarium that are put in your pack not dying
  • Fix for harvesting animations not playing correctly
  • Song of Discord, War Chant and Mesmerize will now adhere to their appropriate minimum skill requirements
  • Mesmerize will no longer last forever, and will no longer use up Follower slots. Instead, the mob will stay mesmerized for a period of time based on your Musicianship to a maximum of 55 minutes and then will "run off". Instead of Follower slots, the mesmerized mob will now take up Bard Control Points from your pool of points instead. The mesmerized mob will never become enraged from taking damage and will not leave your pool until it expires or dies. - WIKI
  • Alchemy has been converted into a book skill of Cooking. It has the same recipes, but is no longer its own separate skill - WIKI
  • The Special Dyes book skill of cooking has been renamed to Paints, Dyes and Inks. The paints that used to be crafted by glassblowing have been moved here.  - WIKI
  • Glassblowing has become a book skill of Tinkering instead of Alchemy. The paints have been removed from it and moved to the Paints, Dyes and Inks book skill. WIKI
  • Evaluate Intelligence has been renamed to Incantation. In addition, a selection of Magery spells has been added to Incantation so that in addition to acting like Eval Int did before as a secondary skill to spell casting, it also now has its own set of spells. Details will be available on the wiki.  WIKI
  • Incantation uses two new reagents: spell parchment and magical ink. Spell parchment is crafted by Inscription, and magical ink is crafted by Painst, Dyes and Inks, the bookskill of Cooking.  WIKI
  • Cartography and Artistry have been combined into Inscription. In addition, Inscription will no longer provide the ability to craft Magery scrolls. Instead it will craft Incantation scrolls which is a subset of the utility spells from Magery. What list of items you can craft will be determined by the tool you use when inscribing. (Scribes Pen for Inscription, Mapmakers Pen for Cartography and Painting Palette for Artistry)  WIKI
  • Recalling or gating from runebooks will work with either Incantation or Magery. If you have the Incantation version of Recall or Gate, it will use that. If you do not, it will see if you have the Magery version and use that instead.   WIKI
  • The Incantation version of Incognito has been updated to last for an hour and you can cancel the effect at any time by recasting the spell. In addition, Incognito will hide your guild affiliation and title from other players   WIKI
  • The amounts of jewels and dust vials sold by vendors have been reduced, and the prices have been increased, to encourage players to purchase them from other players.
  • Fixed a bug with reagent blessing that was causing the shard to crash
  • Pottery is now a book skill of Tinkering  WIKI
  • Basket Weaving was incorrectly using Tinkering as its skill to check. It now properly uses Inscription.
  • Magery scrolls will no longer drop as loot. Instead Incantation scrolls will drop.
  • Magery spell books will now sell from the master mage pre-filled since the scrolls will no longer be available. This is temporary as Magery will be removed completely soon.

  • Fixed avatar animation for Renn Shirt
  • A new container has been added for players much like their backpack, but is used specifically for spell books and rune books and is called the bookcase. The bookcase can be accessed by double clicking the far left golden book icon on your paper doll. As stated above, you can only place spell books or runebooks in the bookcase, but is a way for you to not clutter up your main pack with them. - WIKI
  • The profile scroll on the paper doll will now open your look Gump instead of the built in profile gump. - WIKI
  • All maps have been updated to the latest version
Updated October 13th at 6:00PM EST

  • Fix for magical ink crafting only creating 1 ink, it should be giving 5
  • Fix for Mark consuming reagents twice
Updated October 15th at 7:20PM EST

  • Added new "Looking for Role-Play" functionality to the .who list. On the .who list, there is now a checkbox on the upper right of the Gump that when you check will flag you as "Looking For Role-Play". Players that are flagged this way will have a green dot to the right of their name in the .who list. Any player can click this button and a "Request to Join" will be sent to that player. The player can accept or reject the request. If they accept, they can then target a location where they would like the player to arrive at and the player who sent the request will be sent a Gump that says they accepted. Clicking Okey in this Gump will teleport the player to the targeted location. This functionality is to allow players to more easily find othe66r players to role-play with.
Updated November 10th at 6:00PM EST

  • Added the ability for a browser to be opened on player login for coming story lines
  • Added ability for staff to remove ship captain/wagon stops
  • The season for Summer Isle is being set to Desolation
Updated Dec 22nd at 8:30PM EST
  • The season for Summer Isle is being changed back to normal from Desolation
  • Estate Stones are being added to the RPCSS estates on the main map. They will provide some interactivity for running the estate and some information display. This is how an unclaimed estate will be claimed by players going forward, as well as how a player can abandon an estate.
  • If you are the owner of an estate, you will now have an option in the .skilltitle gump to display your estate title instead of your skill title. Estate titles are set by Lara on each stone individually.

  • Changed the graphic for the Estate Stones to be different from guild stones for clarity
  • When claiming a new estate with a UO account that has never played RPCSS before, it will now properly link your UO account and allow you to claim

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