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Game Wishlist and Project Plan
We are currently running Serv UO circa 2016 with AOS disabled and most of the Grimmwold crafting. 

Our first goal is to finalize all Grimmwold crafting and adjust for AOS using custom design solutions. This includes resolving any outstanding bugs. In this way we hope to leverage the updated Serv UO code while maintaining the old school pre-AOS that we prefer and introducing some of the custom ideas our shards have been known for.   

However, it is not our intention to make changes to any of the non-crafting base UO combat mechanics until the entire system has been in use for a while.  Changes to game mechs needs to be done slowly and with caution because combat can quickly come unbalanced. We are already making big changes both with removing AOS, and then "fixing" anything that breaks because of that change with new solutions.

During this, we will be implementing the RPCSS integration with UO as well as polishing the RPCSS project until it has reached a state we consider out of beta.

Our next set of goals will not be started until we have finalized all existing code into a solid and workable condition that includes all bugs, missing crafting code and AOS resolutions.

I put this up here because players often do not consider how much time their small requests take, and the list of minor game mechanic requests is mounting up until it looks like a grade schoolers Christmas wish list.  I am drawing this line in the sand so we have no misunderstandings.  I am not approving any new game mech requests until all bugs are resolved, all AOS discrepancies are fixed and all crafting systems from Grimmwold are implemented.

After this is completed.  We will allocate one month to implement small game request changes on a fixed schedule.  That schedule will be the months of October, January, April and July.

Our goal for November and December will be to update the client and the code to use the High Seas expansion along with introducing ship combat in RPCSS.  This is a good bit of work and includes changes to the code, to RPCSS, the maps and art files.

I hope this document serves as a guide for our code plans.
It is time to VOTE for the NEW game requests that you want to be done in the Month of October!!

This is how you vote.
  • Go to the thread of the new game wishlist request that you WANT to see done before others and post the following information.
  • The amount of in game gold you are willing to donate to the request AND the name of the character with the gold.
  • Lara will total all "promised gold sink donations".
We will work on new requests in order of the total "gold sink donations" promised.  Once the work is done you will be expected to give that information to Lara as committed. Admins reserve the right to change/deny any requests that are unbalancing or impossible to do.
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