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A Tale of Sun and Moon - The Sun
Chapter 1, A New Beginning 

Eli was lost to his family with no clear picture of how or why. He knows his strong values of being honorable and compassionate. He has seen and learned at an early age that magic is not good or evil, and that the caster is the person that makes the perception for others. He had stayed at the Shoe for a very long time and he knew it was time leave Summer Isle.

He doesn’t know the clear history of his family of who they were or what they did. The things that’s in him today that drives him had to have come from his parents. He sets out with wisdom and knowledge to write a few chapters in the history books.

Current Day

Eli sets out from The Shoe with his few things that fits in his pack and about 400 gold in his purse. Wearing his favorite mouse colored robes, cloak and misshapen wizards hat he sets foot on the road to Evervale. A gentle breeze blows, the sun is shining and feels good putting him in exceptionally good spirits. He had found his way to the local tavern and sat down and heard other men talking of their day and adventures. Being a good student, he treated this like all the other times at The Shoe and he listened to every word. His magic was weak, his skills not even of a jounreyman, how is he going to make a living? Listening to more of the daily conversations he learned that no one enjoyed making bandages and that they would rather pay for them than make the bandages themselves.

Going out in the areas as he had seen before but never really ventured began he took in a deep breath and began. One of the locals pointed him to where plump sheep could be found and he picked what he thought would be a few good choices. He learned a lot about life and death and it became more real to him and followed the tradesman's advice and very soon was making bandages from the wool of the sheep. After one particularly long day he cleans up and returns with a little more gold and very hungry.

He went and changed out of his clothes, cleaned up, visited the banker and deposited what little coin he earned. His stomach indicated that getting by on the small rations wouldn't cut it this day. Even though it is just midday, its thirsty work to work wool and sheep and midday felt like it was night time and utterly exhausted. Sitting at the counter he beckons to the cook and sees a woman learning her craft perhaps at cooking. The woman offers him some fresh baked bread and looking back at the cook, with a shrug of his shoulders goes back to work. Looking back at the woman with the generous offer he felt something about this encounter and kindly declined.

Ordering some cooked bird and a pitcher of wine after the already long day he began to work on forgetting the day and start over again tomorrow. The next day he listens to the men and the things they talk about. They really talked about a lot of things I had only heard from sailors and other passing cutthroats. I had listened and the locals mentioned her name was Melinda and still, I waited for a introduction. It was time for adventure and seek out the lands on the map I have make a name of my own. I heard about a very interesting place Drökkburg. 

I took a chance when I met Melinda and saw the eyes of other men. Being raised with a strong background of virtues this was what I felt a test. I looked on her and saw an innocent doe that a man would take advantage of her naivety. In the back of my mind I remember the men talking and the girls that come and gone from The Shoe... Do I act like a man, or be a real man? I enjoyed our conversation, her demeanor and her innocence. Still, something else from all the virtues nagged at me and a voice in the back of my mind says this is a lesson to be learned. I offered her to stay with me in the newly rented home in Drökkburg. I offered her the largest space and felt safe as the cook and bartender in Evervale said that she was a sweet young woman. What did I have to lose? Nothing. 

Who knows what the future holds. I think the best way to have the best result is to reference back to the virtues the best I can.
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