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Vendor options
Not sure it's possible but would love to have some of the vendor options that we had in the old Sanc. 

Beyond simple things like renaming and moving vendors without staff help, the main thing I miss is having the ability to set the vendor to BUY items. 

I loved having my vendors setup to buy items from players: treasure maps, nets, regs, potions, hides, ingots, etc. It saved a ton of time not having to run around the OOC vendor loop checking to see if someone updated their vendors. Log in a day to two later and I had 20 treasure maps to do and a ton of regs to do them well as being able to use my gold to support new players because they had an outlet to sell harvestables. 

Not everyone is the "setup a shop to sell things" type. Many get setup, deco'd and then forgotten about. I feel that a lot of players would love an outlet to sell things they won't use that the NPC's vendors won't buy. 

Alternatively, if the new server doesn't support the vendor changes perhaps a way could be made to post a list of things you will always buy so folks can COD them to you via the post system? I check the auctioneer often and it seems like no one uses it. There was a "market" system in Guildwars 2 that allowed a "free market" style economy. Items could be sold and resources such as wood or ingots could be bought and sold but price would fluctuate based off "bids"(i.e. player 1 will buy x amount of logs at 4gp each but player 2 will pay 5gp could decide who to sell to, etc.). A system like that may incorporate into RPCSS especially if each region has it's own resources to trade, resources needed and maybe incorporating a BOD system to support their military needs.
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