Poll: Combine Alchemy and Cooking
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No Leave alone
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Alchemy (Poll)
We use to have alchemy as a book skill of cooking, and glass blowing was a book skill of tinkering. We originally combined them because cooking didn't have a lot of value. I liked that decision a lot, but when we moved to Serv UO and they were separated again I left them alone for a few reasons.

  1. I saw a lot of new potions that came in with the High Sea's expansion and didn't know how I felt about them.
  2. I want to implement Comraich '04's cooking system.
Since we've gotten back in the saddle again and have a better idea of what we want for the shard, I'm not sure I want to implement all of those High Sea's potions, they really are massive code bloat and could seriously unbalance the game.  So alchemy won't be getting more potions.

Second, while we do want to have cooking have more value, implementing Comraich '04's cooking system is months and months away, we have way more important things to do first.

So, I'd like to put things back to the way they were on Grimmwold, but this time I'm going to take a poll.

Change to Grimmwold or Leave alone.

Please note: keeping glassblowing with alchemy is not on the table, if we go back to the Grimmwold design, glassblowing goes into tinkering not cooking.

There is a poll for the answer above this thread.
Change to Grimmwold

[Image: Raewyn-Signiture.jpg]
cooking is one of my skills, but its pretty much uslss, and am considering changing it, I don't know what grimmwold cooking was, so cant truly vote either way
Just a side note: Putting them together really options up the skill conceptually, allowing for the introduction of RP "teas", specialty ointments, hand made soap, etc.
Change to Grim, pleaase
Beer brewing will be part of cooking.
I *like* the setup the way it is; cooking fits different chars than alchemy does. But, beyond the RP, cooking really is pretty useless currently other than the dyes. So if 'make cooking actually useful' isn't in the reasonably near future, then I'd go for the way it was in Grimm.
I like and support the Grimworld concept. Would add more value to cooking, which I think it lacks at the moment.
Final Decision:

Combine Cooking and Alchemy
Make Alchemy a book skill of cooking.
Moving Glassblowing to a Tinkering book skill like Grimmwold.
Put all paints, dyes and inks into a book skill of cooking by renaming Special Dyes to Paints, Dyes and Inks.
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