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Kingdom of Andus
History and Current Status for the Kingdom of Andus
Mood of Al’Shadiya, Capital of Andus

The people are nearly done rebuilding and repairing the damage done in a recent attack by Abraxus and are rather cautious. However, with the Flame Festival coming up, there is a slight ease in the air as men and women prepare food and goods for the event. Commerce continues in the market and streets, and scholars, now traveling in groups, make their way to and from Meissa. The sense of progress and enlightenment endures with the denizens and they remain strong and vigilant.

The Herald of Andus, the kingdom's crown, has been rather quiet as of late and those within her estate have remarked, in hushed tones, a somber mood overall within the woman.

The Crown
A new era of leadership has entered into the kingdom. Sylise of Emorea has taken the leadership of Andus and has taken up the title of Herald - a gender-neutral designation for high rule.

Laws and Ordinances
The laws have remained largely the same, but rumor has it that the Herald may soon change some things.

Currently, Andus is allied with Raeyithia in a political and humanitarian alliance called The Dawnlight Accord. The alliance is open to hearing from individuals and groups who are like minded that seek to join.


Holidays and Festivals
-Festival of Flames: A celebration of fiery cleansing of the impurities of the soul and reconciliation of the past year. It is a season of renewal for Andus, with fire dancers, music, the wearing of new colorful outfits, and the annual “jumping of the flame” where the people leap over fire as a sign of soul cleansing. The festival begins within the first week of summer and lasts for four days and nights.

-Latwi Nycha (The Long Night): Celebrated on the longest night of the year, people gather in homes of their loved ones, friends and family, to pass the night together in unity partaking in the last fruits of the seasons, drinking, and reciting poetry. The groups laugh and drink the night away, never falling asleep. It is during this time that the streets of Andus are quiet and the lights from with homes illuminate the streets til dawn – giving a proper warm welcome to winter.
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