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Awesome RP Shout-Outs
*drums roll*

BUNNY, BUNNY, your so FUNNY, sweet as HONEY... Oh BUNNY! Oh BUNNY!

Thank you so much for the role play events, for being so great to this community and stirring up so much fun. *snuggles*

[Image: Dali-Signature-3.jpg]
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I second this, wtg and thank you!
What an awesome night of roleplay. We had 18 people online and so many incredible moments.

[Image: Quest.png]

[Image: Dali-Signature-3.jpg]
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wow thanks, you lot make it super easy, you all inspire me. shoutouts to darkmane and dajlia's ugly pillows. Brea, ive thourghly enjoyed your rituals and rp.

Daci and Skorgi make me giggle, too many to think of right now, but i love you all.
Shout out to Lilitu (Bunny)! I love RPing with you and you inspire me to revisit my creativity with emotes - a trait I lost so long ago. Girl, you are a GEM. Damn. Your Ted Talks on roleplaying are pretty stellar and I am always in awe. Your efforts and presence are a true asset. This girl has serious spirit.
i have to take a moment to give a massive shout-out to froz, ovadya and rain. You three have suffered the most hilarious chain of events when it comes to rping with me and it has been beyond a delight to craft stories with you over the past few days. you amaze me with what you can do with the barest crumb of a hint of a plot, turning it into something grand.

to dwolf, bunny, caitria, tyrseus, terel, nirantae, rose and lara, thank you as well for great scenes these past couple days (even if it involved sticking my character IN A BARREL... hahahaha), i am consistently awed by the sheer level of talent i've seen on this shard.

to everyone else i've had the pleasure of rping with, i look forward to continuing stories not only with kai but with future characters as well. these past weeks have been spectacular!
Huge props for the RP last night! First and foremost, to Morde for organizing the event, and to Julian, Vladislaus, Noemi, Caitria, Taelarys, and Caelestria for making it such a fun evening!
I want to thank Sylise, Vladislaus, and Felsimyr for the outing last night! It was lots of fun and once we found our groove, we were awesome!  We were awesome to begin with, just died a lot! Big Grin
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