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Update Thread
Since updating RPCSS is much easier than updating the Shard, we'll keep its own update thread linked off the manual.
Updated 10-06-19
  • Fixed some issues with Occupy not working and not allowing multiple occupies per turn with different armies
  • Fixed an issue with determining of when monthly costs are due
  • Updated many dependencies with newer versions to help with overall stability
  • Fixed some issues with seeing notifications from prior factions or prior roles you might have held. To be clear on this, any historical notifications you will still see, but you should no longer see new notifications for any factions that you previously might have been a member of, or RPCSS Role you might have previously held.
  • Fixed an issue with the Submit button for Gold Transfers not enabling when it should
  • As initially intended, armies can only be given one action per turn. This should now be enforced properly. The actions that are given to armies include: Marching, Muster, Occupy, Support and Defend.
Updated June 5th, 3:18PM EST

  • Fixed the radio buttons on the Muster Orders screen
  • Reverted the muster points that you get to be what it was before so even level 1 fortifications get 2 muster points
Updated June 5th, 4:46PM EST

  • Forced the resolving of Marching Orders to be resolved in the order in which the orders were given
  • Support and Defend orders should now properly check that the army has already been given an order, and not allow an order to be given if it already has
  • Fixed issue with support and defend (Really this time...)
  • Fixed issue on Map Admin page that would not allow a hex to have no faction set for it
  • Occupy was allowing more than 10 arable/populated hexes to be controlled
  • Hopeful fix for multiple armies being able to be in the same hex
  • Fixed issue that was causing scouted enemy armies to show as friendly armies on the Warlords strategy map
Updated Dec 22nd at 8:30PM EST
  • It will now cost the estate owner 10,000 UO gold per week to run an estate
  • Anybody can now claim an estate that is not yet claimed via the Estate Stones that will be placed at each estate in game. You just need the 10,000 gold.
  • When you claim an estate, it will immediately take 10,000 gold from your bank.
  • There is a function on the Estate stone that will let you store gold on it. When end of turn runs, it will charge you the 10,000 gold for next turn, and will pull the gold from this storage only
  • If, at end of turn, you do not have 10,000 gold on your estate stone, you will not be able to enter any orders in RPCSS until you put the gold on your stone. If a second end of turn runs in a row without paying the 10,000 gold, your estate will be wiped and set to unclaimed.
  • You can store up to 30,000 gold on your estate stone
  • Some changes to the combat values of Infantry and Knights. Previously, Infantry were a flat 1 combat value, and knights were a flat 2 combat value. Now, Infantry will have a combat value of 1 if they are the attacker in a given battle, but they will have a combat value of 2 if they are the defender. For Knights, it is the opposite, they will have a combat value of 2 when attacking, and a combat value of 1, when defending.
  • Double clicking an Estate Stone will open your browser to the RPCSS website
  • Resolved an issue that was allowing court level to exceed the 10 maximum
  • Fixed an oddity with Support/Defend order logic

  • The Game Actions sub menu on the sidebar will now expand by default
  • Fixed some issues with the admin pages
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