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Update Thread
July 4th, 2020 at 1 pm EST
  • Take 2 on thirst.  This time all messages are turned off because it has no bearing what so ever on the game and is actually a stupid mess of spaghetti code to fix.  Drink or don't drink, it doesn't matter.
  • Job timer will now reset at midnight EST, rather than 24 hours after you last jobbed, to make it easier to keep track.
  • You can now train the following skills on training dummies: Discordance, Provocation, Anatomy, Eval Int, Forensic Eval
  • Scissors are now usable in shops. In the craft area, you can now be up to 10 tiles away from a tailoring dummy to use scissors, like other crafts.
  • Wine keg weight has been fixed and is no longer negative.
  • Vanity Drop Chance Increased
  • Fixed missing skills on master NPC training lists (Spellweaving, Poisoning, Remove trap, Stealth) and removed Throwing from trainable skill list.
  • You can no longer sell items out of locked chests.
  • Elegant shalwar will now have the correct name.
  • Removed weird 'essence of X' drops from mobs
  • Plate battle kabuto armor should now have the right name and graphic.
  • Brigadine vest now gives AR.

Client File Updates
  • Updated some clilocs

  • We are taking Devotion, Precision, Camping, Focus and Meditation out of the "testing" warning and calling them released.  We may still need to tweek if someone discovers something new, but they are now on the wiki.
  • The combat changes will remain officially "in testing" for another few weeks but we think we are done with changes for now and are moving on.
  • Everyone will be getting one storybook collection ticket (per account) as a late Shard Anniversary Gift, February was our 18th year.
  • As well as everyone will get 2 fire works wands (per account) and 1 vanity item.
Happy Fourth Everyone!  We appreciate having you here!
Updated July 11th, 2020 at 12:30PM EST

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed weird messages on crystal ball drops
  • Removed brown and green rugs from the craftable carpets list, their graphics are broken. Brown and green rugs have been fixed!
  • Fixed cliloc errors in the blacksmithy and tinker ingot selection menu, and the tailor leather selection menu
  • Weapons and armor made from our custom metals should now display the metal name in the title (i.e. "an iron lilac katana")
  • Fixed an issue with jobbing not resetting correctly after midnight EST.
Wishlist items
  • Addons will now turn into deeds and go to your bank box when you demolish your house, instead of sitting on the floor to decay
  • Players can now use the .vis command to allow selected people to see them while they are hiding/stealthed. See Custom Commands
  • Tailoring menu has been broken out into more categories
  • You can now change your skin color at the hair stylist NPC. Players with custom skin hues can safely change their hair style/color without changing their custom skin.
  • Arcane gems are now stackable.
  • You can now make normal dye tubs with carpentry.
  • You can edit an MOTD event after it's already started.
  • New player welcome message changed.
  • Server update for Tiledata to fix water
  • Summer Isle Update (fix shop arches)
Updated July 14th, 2020 at 12:30AM EST
  • Fixed issue with editing MOTD events where you couldn't edit future events. 
  • Fixed issue with jobbing not stopping appropriately after 90 minutes under certain circumstances
Updated July 15th, 2020 at 10:30PM EST
  • Mining now pulls up gems
  • Glass blowing has 4 new items for Evocation
  • Evocation is being released into Player Testing
  • There will be a client update.
  • Underhill has been updated to fix the Juka town.
Updated July, 23rd, 2020 at 5:30PM EST

Significant Changes to Housing has been made.  The server will be down longer than normal as first staff make the change, and then we have players log in for a full hour of checking on their own houses to make sure no unexpected problems crop up.

Mithril: Please make a copy of the shard before the update and put those files on the test server so we have a secure record to refer to if necessary.  Also, SAVE this copy in case we need a fresh version of it.
  • All houses cost 3 x lockdowns in weekly rent unless they have been grandfathered. (See below)
  • The starting lockdowns on all houses has been lowered to make them more affordable.
  • All unrented houses now come with 1 secure.
  • You can upgrade the lockdowns and secures yourself on the options tab of the housing sign under ''Adjust number of secures or lockdowns.'' Extra secures cost 250 gold on Cuiveinen and 500 gold on Summer Isle.
  • You can have 9 houses per account.  Only two of which can be on Summer Isle.
  • You can only have 1 shop per account, and a maximum of 8 vendors.
  • Houses can now be decorated and resold by players.
  • Co-owners can place deeds and make secure containers.

Only homes rented before the pricing change are grandfathered. Grandfathered homes will retain their previous rental cost UNLESS the new pricing structure is lower. As soon as a grandfathered house is demolished OR its lockdowns and secures are changed, the new pricing will take into effect. Do not change the lockdowns or secures on your grandfathered rental without looking carefully at the new pricing.
Updated July, 27th at 10:00PM EST
  • Fixed an issue with some addons not being properly handled when a house is sold
  • When you dismiss a player vendor or the building decays, the vendor's inventory and gold will go to the vendor owner's bank box instead of dropping to the ground to decay
  • Lowered the resource cost for crafting a lot of deco items, especially in carpentry and wide loom weaving

  • Mainland map upated
Updated August 8th, at 5:30PM EST
File Updates:
  • Cuiveinen
Updated August 10th, at 8:30PM EST
  • Fix for Wither Trap causing the shard to crash
Updated August 14th, at 8:00PM EST

  • Fixes to reactivate RPCSS rumors from the the town criers, and rumor books in post boxes

  • You can now see allied armies on your dashboard map
  • Rumors should start going out once more
Updated September 1st, 8:00AM EST

  • Staff members can now edit MOTD events
  • You can now equip one handed weapons AND an instrument at the same time
  • Book of Intonation will once again be sold by the Master Minstrel
  • If you have training dummy targeting turned on for your auto-cast spells/abilities, you will now get a message that says "There are no dummies here to target" rather than the default "No valid target"
  • Fixed the tooltips for Precision and Devotion spells and moves to be what they have been changed to
  • Added Icon cool downs to Precision and Devotion spells/moves that have cool downs
  • Devotions Remove Curse has had its name properly changed to Reverse Curse
  • Mesmerize now has its proper 8 second cast time
  • Song of Discord, Song of Withdrawal and War Chant now depend on Intonation for their AOE ranges instead of Musicianship
  • You can now cast spells with instruments equipped
  • Evocation skill title has been fixed to its proper title of Sorcerer
  • The chance for a mob to become enraged due to damage when pacified has been increased a bit. This will be more noticeable when in a group as the more damage done within a time period increases the chance.
  • .partner has been given two options that can be passed to it, bandage and spell (i.e. .partner bandage and .partner spell). This allows you to set two different partner targets, one for bandaging and one for beneficial spells that you cast (Druidry spells only for now)
  • New dot command .strategy that allows you to choose the default targeting strategy that will be used for beneficial spells that you cast (Again, only Druidy spells for now). The options are self, partner and cursor. Self will cause the spells to target the caster automatically, partner will target the casters spell partner automatically and cursor will provide a targeting cursor to select a target automatically, much like the current Magery targeting
  • .cast has been upgraded to allow you to pass a targeting strategy for that specific spell cast that can override your default (but does not change it). For example, if you have self set as your default targeting strategy (set via .strategy self) and you cast Restore Spirit via the command .cast 602 partner, your spell will target your spell partner, not yourself and your default strategy of self will not be changed.
  • Spellweaving has become Druidry! Read all about it on the wiki
  • All Spellweaving books will become Tomes of Druid Knowledge

  • Main map update for Heresevain
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