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Update Thread
Updated June 7th, 2020 4:30PM EST
  • Ship Captains can now be set up to work as Wagoneers and travel will be via wagon rather than ship for those locations traveling to and from a land-bound estate.
  • Fixed context menu for shovels to show the right text
  • Fixed some of the new walls to not be passable

From Lara:
I have added the new "wagoneer" NPCS at more locations around the world, and still have more to do.  At this time we still want to "fancify" the travel location and the wagoneer locations, but the urgency to get the travel functionality in took priority.
Updated June 8th, 2020 7:00PM EST
  • We've implemented a job system to help players earn gold if they need it. See
  • Write Multi command will now handle the new art.  (Staff command)
  • Staff can now set town house signs to different directions to fit properly on the house. Setting is on the sign location page of sign setup.
  • Cottage gold and brownstone ore now need the same skill to mine and smelt.
  • You can now craft up to 10 tiles away from a craft station.
  • Several hobbies (in look gump) have been changed to raise with more sensical skills. Example: Calligraphy now raises with inscription, painter now raises with artistry, etc.
  • Wooden beams now only take 1-2 boards to craft.
  • Large square pillows, ottomans, and pillow seats are now dyable like the other pillows.
  • Players now get a notification when they change maps, letting them know the rating (PG/Adult) and whether roleplay is required/optional.
  • New player starter location is now in "The Shoe" on the second floor which is being upgraded to a new player information center.
  • Cartography is now selectable as a spec trade skill
  • The new player starter location has been moved to the Shoe
  • There is now ingame annoument when new characters are created
  • We now have a linkbook for staff to link webpages in game
  • New Mainland Map
  • New Summerisle Map
  • New Underhill Map
  • New set of map labels
Updated June 10th, 2020 1:00PM EST
  • Remove imbuing ingredients from treasure chests as we do not use imbuing
  • Meer Mages will no longer cast swarm of insects
  • Fix to wagoneers so they properly save their wagoneer state
  • Added necro regs as loot for treasure chests
  • Added Cartography to the Postal Worker crafter registration Gump, and fixed Alchemy and Inscription so that they now save when registering
Updated June 10th, 8:00PM EST
  • Virtue System has been disabled as we do not use it
  • With the incoming changes for Precision and Devotion, we are removing the Lumberjacking damage bonus for swordsmanship while using axes
  • Changes to Precision to be tested!
Updated June 11th, 7:15AM EST
  • Fix for Perfection damage bonus not being applied
  • Fix for Counter Attack not kicking off properly on parry
  • Fix for parry not working correctly with Precision
  • Fix for Evasion not properly increasing chance to parry
  • Fix for parrying not removing Honorable Execution penalty
  • Added Hit Point and Stamina gain when parrying a blow while Confident
  • Fixed weapons not taking damage when blocking
  • Added a combatant option to .perfection to auto target your current combatant (.perfection combatant)
Updated June 15th, 8:00PM EST

Client Files
  • New Map Labels for Cuiveinen Wagoneers
  • Refixed the walkable water at the hot springs

Server Changes
  • Fixed character creation so that regardless of the Race and Profession you choose on character creation, your character is created as human with the same starting gear. Your skin color, hair types and color, gender and your clothing colors will transfer across.
  • Lots of changes to Precision, and a number changes to Devotion. I recommend you go over the Devotion and Precision wiki pages throughly to see all of the changes that have been made
  • Perfection can now be initiated by using the Precision skill, either in the skills window, or creating a button for the skill. The .perfection dot command can also be used because at the moment there seems to be an issue with the new client not recognizing Precision as a usable skill when creating macros. So if you want to create a key macro for it, use the dot command. Also, the optional parameter "combatant" has been removed from .perfection as that is now the default behavior.
  • Fixed a shard crashing issue around .look
  • Fixed unending consecrate DOT
  • Fixed spawn camps to no longer leave their prisoners behind, and to not decay after only 5 minutes
  • Added some extra error handling around COD Post to resolve the issue with not always getting the COD gold
Updated June 20th, 1:30PM EST

Balancing Changes

Obviously, with the implementation of Precision, we have made a big change to the gameplay. Precision is only the first of a series of big changes coming in the next few weeks.  We need to implement some offsets to keep the game from becoming boring. 

The first is that we are lowering the total cap on damage by a bit.  The changed formula can be found here: ... 

The only thing changing is this: "{New Base Damage} * 3" which was "{New Base Damage} * 4". This change does not affect the damage calculated by weapons, magical weapons, tactics, strength or dexterity.  What it does do is lower the total cap on additional bonuses from things like precision, EoO, slayer weapon bonus, etc.

Secondly, we are changing the availability of slayer weapons.  Currently, slayer weapons for everything but Juka bows is very hard to get, its actually harder to get then magic items, while Juka bows which can be made into slayer weapons are easy to acquire.  We are removing the crafting of Juka slayer bows, and increasing the drop of all slayer weapons for everyone dramatically.  We are removing the mob specific slayer weapons and just keeping the mob type slayers. If it's not actually as dramatic as we like we'll tweak it up more.  However, the damage is being tweaked down on all new dropped slayer weapons down to a 50% damage bonus instead of double.

This is an intermediary solution as we will review all magic items and slayer weapons as part of the eventual legendary hunting system.

Third, we are tweaking the hit points of all mobs up by 25% to keep the gameplay challenging.  This will negatively affect some other play styles in the short term, but it's never a good idea to tweak AFTER everyone is used to their new mechs.  Changes to taming, barding, and magic are all in the works.

Please keep in mind, NO ONE likes balancing changes.  Not players, not developers. Mith, Lyrrin, and I are asking everyone to be patient and work with us as we try and keep gameplay challenging and avoid any downward slide that keeps gameplay from being fun at all levels. It is very important to keep the upper level from going too high, or there is a never-ending request for harder and harder mobs, more and more loot, etc etc.  We don't have the resources to chase that kind of high-end content creep. Our content focus is and shall ever be about role-play. That means keeping hunting/combat mechs within established parameters.

Server Updates
  • Implementing a new "random number generator" which is less streaky then what we have now.  This should fix all the huge runs of misses, but will also fix the huge runs of hits.
  • Implementing gold for skill gain, details to follow.
  • Fixing the damage calculators which allowed for numbers to reach outside of established ranges, this will go INTO TESTING for tweeks later.
  • New regeneration system for meditation, focus and camping, this will go INTO TESTING for tweeks later.
  • Increased player backpack weight capacity to account for increased player carry capacity
  • Fixed issue with leg armor sometimes being ignored if you have a piece of clothing on a leg layer as well
  • Fixed an issue with COD payments where if the seller does not have enough room in their bank box, the gold is still taken from the buyer
  • You will now get messages about being hungry
  • Fixed the color of seared fire ant goo and arch daemons
  • Some of the newer mobs that are being used were still set to award artifacts. They have been fixed to no longer give them out as we want to redesign artifacts.
  • Juka bows can no longer be converted into slayer bows. This was a bit unfair.
  • The overall chance of getting any kind of slayer weapon as loot has been increased
  • The damage bonus from Slayers has been reduced from 100% to 50%
  • Hit points for all mobs has been increased by 25%
  • Individual slayer types will no longer be generated, instead the loot system will always generate the "super" version of the slayer
Update June 25th, 12:30PM EST

We have made significant changes to the combat play for melee/archer characters.  I am not going to go into details because I feel that it is more about how it feels then what formulas we used to create the feel. Instead I’d like you to read this short description on flow theory:

This is our goal for “how does it feel”.  Please try and put aside your expectations and just play with the system and let us know how it feels.  Here are some of the things you should expect:
  • Low-end mobs now scale UP to the player so that they are potentially dangerous if you get a lot on you.
  • Mobs and Players take less damage because of AR, but everyone is DOING a lot more damage, doing it faster, and with a higher chance of hitting. 
  • Tanks, those with Shield & Parry, should have a much better chance of tanking the high-end mobs, especially if they have a healing buddy.  
  • The damage gap between one handed and two handed weapons has been slightly increased.
  • Critical hits have been implemented for players but not yet for mobs, we are still testing that.  However, the upper-end cap for damage has been significantly reviewed and some high-end magical weapons are now within the cap whereas they were not before.
  • Feed back can go here:
File Updates
  • Both Cuiveinen and Summer Isle have updates.  Summer Isle has three new shops, and a new Jotunn hunting area.  
Bug Fixes
  • Precision abilities that required two-handed weapons before were not correctly excluding bows, they do now.
  • Divine Fury was not properly stopping the mob from attacking while frozen
  • Fix for bows parrying attacks, they will no longer do so
Update June 27th, 6:00PM EST

Server changes
  • Fixed an issue with the new combat that was causing a shard crash
  • Fixed an issue with house sign setup that would move the house sign when it shouldn't. Staff can now be trained on fixing all the stupid signs.
  • Hunger/thirst decay has been reduced so you should not get hungry/thirsty quite as fast.
  • Fruit Trees have been added to the game in the Fairgrounds south of Brigh Darcan.
Magic Items
We worked the magic weapon damage in a spreadsheet, and the difference in high-end magic items compared to exceptional was just stupidly high.  Its been tweaked down. It's not been nerfed, as the DPS its still higher then it was before any of these changes, but it's been taken out of the nose bleed level.
  • Accuracy on magic items has been scaled down from 5-25% to 3-15%. 
  • Damage bonuses are now a percentage increase rather than a flat number which was heavily influencing fast weapons.
  • If mobs are lower skill then you, they will be more aggressive if you are using higher-end magic items. This is part of scaling mobs up to the player so the combat is more exciting.
File Updates
  • There is a file update for the Cuiveinen map -- which is needed for tomorrows ritual.
Update June 30th, 12:30PM EST
  • Link books should now save URLs
  • Parry+Shield bonus to Magic Resist has been scaled down.
  • Mob AR has been tweaked, this will more heavily impact low damage but faster weapons then slower high damage weapon as well as scale up to meet players.
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