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Update Thread
Updated 5-5-20:
  • Tinkering menu now properly lets you use all ingots available from mining
  • Weight of granite reduced to 4 stone
  • Amount of sand you get from a single spot has been increased
  • All crafting menus now say "Boards" instead of "Boards or Logs" for items that need boards
  • Masonry skill book is now available for sale on the Master Woodsman
  • Buggy gears removed from golem loot
  • Quality Stone for Crafting skillbook should now let you use it at 80 skill instead of GM
  • Crafted weapons should now smelt back down to the proper metal type
  • Daisy's build commands:    
  • Updated to .NET Core 3.1
Updated: 5-15-20
  • Guard Regions defined for all estates on the mainland.
  • World Map Access Flag has been removed. Players can travel to the mainland without it.
  • Staff Go locations have been updated
  • Fixed an issue that was causing newer clients to crash the shard
  • Map and Statics (We have more fort upgrades at Tarnstead and Haverborn)
  • Passive Skill Gain has been increased significantly
Updated: 5-17-20
  • Arm/Disarm dot command -
  • Added Sacred Journey to runebooks
  • Added dot command SkillTitle - Allows you to choose which skill shows as your title rather than your highest skill.
  • Added new All Magic Items option to .grab to grab any items that are magical
  • Updated travel locations with .go should no longer crash the shard
  • Recall, Gate and Sacred Journey can now be used to travel between maps
Updated: 5-18-20

  • Added new dot command .nexttarget - This command will allow you to cycle through hostile targets within a given range around you, setting them as your combat opponent, starting from closest to farthest
Updated May 25, 2020 at 3:21 PM

New or Improved
  • New Map and Statics -- Small fixes nothing big
  • Improved mana regen bonus from campfires
  • A new ettin dungeon has been released it is accessible north of Evervale, far to the west. 
  • .Grab will now loot your corpse, but only your corpse.  
  • Heal Spells and heal potions (but not bandages) will no longer be blocked if you are poisoned or effected by other DOT bleeding effects.  The poison/DOT will not be cured, but you will be healed. (For those of you using razor, if you have heal set to block if poisoned, you'll need to turn that off.)
  • Most mobs that do poison will now poison less often.
  • Mediation chance to succeed/fail has been adjusted to account for the increased mana pool.  
  • Edits to the XMLParagon Att made in preparation of vanity drops.
  • Paragon chests now drop vanity deco loot
  • Carry weight has been increased.  Max Carry weight should now properly display on the status window.
  • Container weight has been increased
  • Treasure Maps for Underhill will now spawn on mobs, treasure chests, and from fishing.
  • Accuracy bonus on magical items now affect tactics instead of archery on magical bows
  • The inscription skill can be used to copy books anywhere.  It no longer requires any skill in inscription to do this -- we want people to be able to copy books easily for role-play.  Consequently, this feature will no longer work as a method to gain skill away from the inscription craft station.
  • Craftable Training Dummies will now train to 120.
  • We are implementing the crafting override for ALL crafts if inside a building designed as a shop by staff -- if you are the friend, owner or co-owner of that building. (At the time of this posting, the only shops are in Evervale in the center of town.)
  • Seeds have been added to the farmer
  • Magical tailoring skillbook is now for sale on the farm master. Reading this book allows tailors to make fast footwear. 
  • Only people who have read the magical tailoring book can use arcane gems to make arcane garb now.
  • The number of resources you can farm from a single plant before the plant runs out, has been increased. 
  • A few decorative magical herbs will appear while herb harvesting. They are strictly decorative and will disappear after the harvesting cycle. 
Bug Fix
  • Fixed a bug that caused Sacred Journey not to work from runebooks
  • You should now be able to manually loot the corpses of players in your party on all maps, unless they have specifically set this option to NO on the party window.  (.grab will not work)
  • Llamas and Ostard Mounts now display properly when mounted.
  • Horde Minions should now move at a more reasonable speed and not trigger seizures.
  • Liang (cloth boots) no longer says it is craftable with Leather, instead, it is craftable by cloth.
  • Fishing messages "You pull out ..." should now properly show the item name.
  • Debug text for consecrate weapon has been removed
  • The footwear check for any fast boots was not properly checking if your opponent was a player vs a mob.  It now should only check when your opponent is a player.
  • The craft selection screen for the post office now correctly allows you to select multiple skills.
  • Provisioners no longer sell "A Guild Deed"
  • All guild stones in-game that are not one of the three alliances listed on the wiki have been removed.
  • Interior deco tool has been added to the provisioner.
  • Weapons, armor, and instruments have been removed from carpentry, and are craftable via bowcrafting/fletching.
  • Tessen have been moved from bladed to bashing weapons in the blacksmith menu.
  • Orc brutes now spawn orc lords that are lootable. 
  • Fixed attack animation for crescent blade
  • If the .password command can't change your password, it will no longer send your password in plain text as a page to all staff

Requires Testing
The entire Treasure Map hunting process needs to be tested by players.  Mith and I have tested all the various components, but we did not test the entire process.  If you like to do treasure maps and are prepared to dedicate the skills needed for it, please contact Lara in DM so she can assist you in going through the process.

For Staff To Do:
  • The veterinarian NPC can now be placed in the stable alongside the stable master, and it should RES bonded pets.  Please test.
There will be a whole series of dungeons and spawns being upgraded over the next few months, you are warned. Smile
Updated May 26th, 2020 6:15PM EST

  • Resolved an issue where some weapons (mostly new ones that we have added) were displaying a speed of 0 and would not swing
  • Carving corpses has been adjusted to balance butchering: "normal" animals (birds, frogs, etc) will no longer give hides, feathers, or meat. All monsters or harder animals that require actual fighting (harpies, direwolves, etc) are the same. Any animals that drop specialized hides (alligators etc) will still drop those.
  • In game spawns have been adjusted to remove "normal" animals and replace them with their herding counter parts.
  • Reduced the number of resources required to craft higher-end items to 75 or less.
  • Verite elementals have been changed into silver elementals and will drop silver ore instead of verite.
  • We have fixed the New Colored Horse spawns, so that all horses tamed new will keep their correct body type when mounted.  This does not fix horses players have already tamed.  If you absolutely must have your existing horse fixed, staff can fix it by setting the correct itemid value from this page here:
  • There was a forum board clean up and consolidation you have probably already noticed.
  • A fix to fix the crashing broke the carry weight, that's been fixed now that we've found the issue causing the crash.

Updated 5-28-2020 7:30 PM
  • Turned damage packets on
  • Paragons have been spawned on Summer Isle
  • Veterinarians have been added to most places that have a wandering healer, and most places with a stable master.  If you find places that need both, please post on the spawner boards.
  • The undead dungeons have now had Paragons added.
  • Paragons who were not dropping chests should now have chests drop.
  • Ethereal Steeds added to the stable master
  • New Tiledata to fix hot springs
  • Map Markers and Icons have been created for the new client:

Updated June 2nd, 2020 9:30AM EST
  • Added more spawn to the outer northern short of Frost Njord on Summer Isle.
  • Brought loot from puzzle chests and treasure chests more in line with the shard overall loot amounts
  • Treasure chests will now also have a chance at containing vanity items
  • Fixed a bug that caused damage packets to not be sent to the client
  • Moved the Interior Decorator tool to the Carpenter NPC
Updated June 7th, 2020 11:30AM EST
  • Apiculture has been added as a book skill for Herding/Butchering. See . STAFF will need to place WildBeehive (s) somewhere for harvesting.
  • Winecrafting has been added as a book skill for Farming. See . STAFF will need to spawn the "Winecrafter" vendor, and place a "WineVatAddon" for players to craft with. The wine vat is very large and probably needs to go outside the main craft area. Staff could also place a few beginning grapevines in the farm area using the grapevine placement tool, or leave this up to players.
  • Necro reagents moved off the custom necro vendor to the normal UO Mage vendor.  Necro vendor can be deleted.
Map Upgrades
  • Estervern
  • Haverbron (small upgrade)
  • Estervern
  • Manor House In Tara SE
  • Dungeons for Frost Njord Dungeon Chain
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