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Update Thread
Updated 9-1-19

* World Map has been updated to remove the deco in the craft hills so that we might have room for the new crafting stations.
Teleport/Z issue fixed on Trammel for next update.
* Summer Isle has had the stairs on three of the undead ruined forts rotated so we can line up three other dungeons later this week.
* Full Low Shelf Addon should now give a deed back when removed with an ax.
* FIXED: When houses are released, (in addition to the 1gp refund) they are reverting to the 'suggested' 1 secure, rather than the 3-5 they were set to upon renting.
* Speed boots are now disabled for 2 mins when your combatant is a player.
* Players will now receive more mana for wearing less armor, but to a factor of 2x.  This is a balance to the armor HP additions for melee characters, and a balancing option for the disabling of fast boots in PvP.
* Housing rental refunds has been implemented. 

Code added to handle some of the other clients being used but causing server crashes.

Necro Spells
* Corpse Skin increases AR, decreases spell interruption, reduces magic resist and increases damage taken from magic. This can be cleansed by Devotion Cleanse. It has a duration that is Spirit Speak - Magic Resist / 25 + 40 seconds.

* Staff can now evict players from their housing via a dot command called .evict -- this starts a timer that will evict them in 7 days. The command sends them a message in game.  If they are not logged in it will notify them time they login in. Repeating the command will cancel the eviction.  Can staff please test this?   When and how this will be used will be posted later.

* Stage One rumors from RPCSS will be sent via the post to guild members of the RPCSS Faction/Noble House on Tuesdays, starting 9/10. There may be some tests sent out tomorrow or Monday.
* Stage Two rumors from RPCSS will be loaded into the Town Criers starting next Thursday, 9/12.  But there may be some testing happening this week.

Basically, ignore any rumors you get this coming week, and wait until the second week of Sept.
Updated 9/3/19 6:45AM EST
  • Ship captains will no longer take you to the same destination you're currently at.
  • You can now do basic farming or fishing, and artistry with 0 skill, based on stat bonuses that all other harvesting and crafting skills have.
  • Flour sacks are no longer stackable. After this update, you will need to manually unstack any that you had stacked previously, or the stack will get treated as one item.
  • Discordance now wears off after awhile. It lasts for (discordance skill)*2 seconds. Then you can re-target the same mob.
  • Familiars summoned via magery or necromancy now disappear when the player logs off. 
  • Silver and sylvan ore now give the correct AR ratings according to the wiki. Silver > Sylvan.
  • Furniture paints should now be craftable using "basic dyes" from a tailor NPC.
  • You now lose half your required materials on craft failure instead of all of them.
  • Mobs no longer drop rusty stain-colored robes or clothing.
  • Re-disabled mining and smelting at the same time.
  • Shields were not taken into account when determining bonus hit points
PvP/Loot/Guild Changes
  • Player corpses can now only be looted under the following conditions: Party members may loot each other on all maps/all items/all methods, Guild members may loot each other on all maps/all items/all methods, guilds at war may only loot stackables on Cuivienen via the .grab command. 
  • Beneficial actions can now be performed between all guilds on maps other than the world map. This will now allow you to cross heal regardless of guild status on those maps.
Updated 9-3-19 12:30PM EST

  • Beneficial actions should now no longer be restricted between guilds on any maps
  • Fixed the RPCSS infantry to highlight as grey instead of blue
UPDATED 9/9/19 at 9 am
  There is a file update:

* Magic Item loot drops have been raised
* Underhill map has been updated with some fixes for the dungeons
* Cuiveinen, world map, has been updated.
* The Camping skill has been removed from the limited functionality list:
* Regional Music has been implemented.
* Each of the occupied forts/castles on Cuiviénen have a 150 square tile guard region.  This will not cover the whole of the capitals, and the castle south of Drokkburg is only 100 square tiles.  All guards from Cuiveinen have been removed and should stay removed, to call guards players will need to type "guard".
* Parry has been reverted to the standard implementation

Temporary Guard Implementation on Cuivienen
(This has been explained to the house leaders as a temporary solution, ask Lara in DM if you have questions.)

The UO client will "query criminal actions" for any harmful action between players on the World Map, unless they are in guilds set as ally or enemy.  This is a client side restriction and can not be changed.  Please consider turning off "query before performing criminal actions" under the reputation system tab of the option window of the client.

The UO client will flag anyone who performs a harmful action on Cuiveinen as grey to their target, and their target only.  We can not change this, however being gray does not last very long, and has no further ramifications unless you are in a guard zone, because Sanctuary does not consider this to be a "criminal act". 

When you are in a guard zone, you will be flagged as a criminal, and your target has 15 seconds to call the guards.  The guards will take a few seconds to arrive, but when they do its an insta-kill. (This is on the list of to be fixed first.) The criminal act will be cleared in 2 mins, and you will be blue again.

Killing another player on Cuiveinen, regardless of location, or guild status, will never flag you as murderer, that is disabled on Sanctuary.

Lara - Wiki has been updated:
Updated 9-16-19 9:00AM EST

* Devotion (was Chivalry) has been converted to pre-aos and all of its spells should now work.  Note that they now use Stamina to cast instead of Mana. Precision and Deception will be following suit with this so that all three will eventually use stamina instead of mana. The system needs some testing for balance both in PvM and PvP.  Please post any feed back to the bug boards for review.  Devotion is now officially removed from the Pre-AOS warning list.
* Players may request a FREE skill change to or from Devotion along with another related skill change should they feel a need to switch around parry or something related to the build.
* Focus will NOT be changed to add mana regeneration. It will remain a skill to increase stamina regeneration given the changes to Devotion, Precision and Deception.
September 22nd

* Cuiveinen map update
Update 10-01-19 8:45AM EST

Balancing the Economy

There are many game theories on how to create a stable player economy.  On a private shard like ours, Mithril and I feel that the most stable model is one that is based on time.  To that end we are balancing out the crafting and harvesting skills with the following goals in mind:

One, that 1 reagent can be harvested at the same rate as 1 arrow and 1 bandage can be crafted.  Obviously reagents are a single step process and arrows and bandages are a multi step process and this will require some finagaling to accomplish.  However, the final goal is to make sure that the TIME to produce these three core items is roughly the same. 

The rate of usage, for these three items, on a UO shard is also roughly equal, so this creates our first “standard measurement” for the economy.

Two, that the amount of time it takes to harvest 100 resources is the same amount of time to turn those resources into a final product.  So if it takes X time to mine and smelt 100 ingots, it will take the same X time to turn all of those 100 ingots into armor or weapons. 

This then creates simple calculations:

All resources can be priced equally
All crafted items can be priced based on the cost of the resources x 2

This is clearly very simplified, and player economies are fluid things, yet, this method will eventually allow a balanced economy to develop where what hunters are willing to pay for arrows, bandages or reagents will drive all other costs with equal emphasis across most crafted items.  Quirky exceptions exist naturally, don’t get distracted by oddball widget A of R, it will either be standardized or left to fester under the weight of its individuality.

Now, at least a few of you are going to have a million questions on details and theory. And while I enjoy discussing game design theory, they are long and complex discussion that I can’t dedicate the time to.  Hopefully, this post satisfies most of the rest of you, if not, the proof will be in the pudding.

This design is based on the ASSUMPTION that 5 seconds of effort is worth 3 gold, or approximately 2100 gold per hour.  Please understand that this 3 gold is a GUESS.  This price is additionally influenced by what NPCs buy/sell at, and how much gold can be made hunting.  Resources might balance out to as low as 2 gold each or go as high as 5 or 6 before everything settles down.  We will be reviewing the buy/sell prices as well as the loot drops over the next few weeks.

Harvest Skills

In general, harvest skills are standardized so that 5 seconds of time = 1 resource. At GM skill, you accrue 2 items every 10 seconds. Below GM skill, you have a chance of failure based on min/max skill required and may collect nothing for a given 10 second interval. Significant changes to the system are noted below.

  • Previously, butchering gave you all the resources at the end of the process. If anything happened in that time to stop the process, that time was wasted and you got no resources. This has been changed: You now have the potential to get 2 items every 10 seconds until the corpse is out of resources, instead of all at the end. When below GM skill, you have <skill> percent chance of success in any 10 second period to get 2 items. If you fail, you get 0 resources for that 10 seconds.
  • Milling is 2 items per 10 seconds. You now have a chance of failure during milling, based on skill. Anyone with >60 skill should succeed 100% of the time. 
  • Mill 5 wheat -> 1 sack of flour with 10 uses. Including gather time, this gives 1 use of flour per 5 seconds. 
  • Mill 1 coffee bean -> 2 satchels of coffee grounds. Including gather time, this gives 1 satchel per 5 seconds. 
  • The chance of a gnome/crow stealing your items has been removed to keep timing consistent with other harvest skills. 
  • Max skill for alchemy reagents was previously 110, but since we don't go above 100 skill, I have lowered the max skill to 100 so that a player with GM skill consistently gets 2 per 10 seconds.
  • Spinning and weaving is now farming, not tailoring. It will take you 50 seconds total to gather, spin, and weave 10 cloth. Timing is as follows: Gather 5 flax/cotton/wool in 25 seconds. Spin 5 flax/cotton/wool to 5 thread/yarn in 12.5 seconds. Weave 5 thread/yarn to 1 bolt of cloth in 12.5 seconds. One bolt of cloth has 10 cloth (instead of 50). This makes 5 seconds per 1 cloth to gather, spin, and weave. 
  • Fish: 2 per 10 seconds. But you have a chance to instead pull up boots, seaweed, black pearl, special fishing net, big fish, or prized/wondrous/truly rare/peculiar fish. So all of these must be considered special resources and not the standardized 3 gold per item, since they take longer than 5 seconds to collect.
  • 1 fish -> 2 fish steaks instantaneously. 
  • Min skill to get black pearl or seaweed is now 60. You have a tiny chance at 60 skill, increasing to 20% chance at GM skill.
  • All craft skills now use boards instead of logs now! So you must mill logs to boards.
  • Logs are milled at a rate of 2 logs per 10 seconds, but you get 2 boards per log now. 10 seconds of chopping + 10 seconds of milling will net you 4 boards in 20 seconds, = 1 board per 5 seconds. 
  • You now have a chance of failure to mill logs into boards. This is based on skill level. Players with >60 skill should succeed 100% of the time.
  • Max skill for reagents was previously 110, but since we don't go above 100 skill, I have lowered the max skill to 100 so that a player with GM skill consistently gets 2 per 10 seconds.
  • Ores are smelted at a rate of 2 ore per 10 seconds, but you get 2 ingots per 1 ore. 10 seconds of mining + 10 seconds of smelting will net you 4 ingots in 20 seconds, = 1 ingot per 5 seconds.
  • All ores above iron ore: These all have a max skill > 100. So even at GM you will have some chance of failure for any 10 second interval, for both mining and smelting.   This is by intention so these ores are priced a bit higher.
  • Same with most colored granite.
  • Max skill for necro reagents was previously 110, but since we don't go above 100 skill, I have lowered the max skill to 100 so that a player with GM skill consistently gets 2 per 10 seconds.

Craft Skills

In general, craft skills are standardized so that items take 5 seconds to craft per base resource required to craft it. For example, if an item requires 10 ingots, it will take 50 seconds to craft.

Some exceptions: 
  1. If the item also requires other crafted items (for example, requiring barrel staves to make a keg). These items do not count toward the total time it takes to craft the item, because you or someone already spent time crafting the needed resource. Minimum of 5 seconds total to craft an item with pre-crafted resource requirements.
  2. Shafts, arrows, and bolts -- see bowcrafting section below. 
Further explanations by craft are below:

  • Standard. 
  • Bottles and jars are pre-crafted so they do not count toward craft time. 
  • Artistry is a specialized skill. 5 seconds for any required resource, even pre-crafted ones. 
  • Standard. 
  • Kindling: 5 seconds to make 2 kindling from one board
  • Shafts: 2 shafts per board in 5 seconds
  • Arrows, bolts: 1 shaft + 1 feather = 3 arrows in 5 seconds. Makes 1 arrow per 5 seconds when including shaft craft time plus feather and wood gathering. Arrows are intended to sell at ~3 gold.  
  • Everything else is standard timing.  
  • Standard. 
  • Kegs require barrel staves, barrel hoops, and barrel lid. 5 seconds total to craft since these are all pre-crafted items.
  • Disabled, needs blank maps craftable by inscription. Will be added to inscription skill in future.
  • Anything using harvested resources only (including fruit, which is not harvestable yet): standard timing.
  • Cooking items that require pre-prepared items (i.e. dough, unbaked pies, etc): Pre-prepared items do not count toward time. 5 seconds per other harvestable resource required.
  • Standard timing.
  • Blank scrolls: 5 seconds to craft 1 scroll per board 
  • Blank scrolls do not count toward craft time for this or any other craft skill.
Tailoring/Wide Loom
  • Standard timing.
  • Cloth requirement for carpets/rugs cut in half to make it more manageable.
  • Spinning/weaving moved to farming. 
  • Making bandages: 2 bandages from 1 cloth every 5 seconds. Makes bandages worth 3 gold if cloth is worth 3 gold.
  • Standard timing.
  • Gems count as a 'base resource' and add 5 seconds to craft time each. 
  • Items that require other tinkered items to craft and no other resources: 5 seconds total to craft item.
Updates 10-03-19 12:15PM EST

  • Gold drops from loot will be increased overall by about 30%
  • Added a staff dot command to scale the cost of housing rentals on a particular map
Updated 10-24-19 9:00AM EST

Game Wishlist Items
  • Auction system added. On first startup, admins use command ".initauction" to start the auction system. Then they can place an "auctioner" NPC that players can use to auction or sell items. Works like on Grimmwold.
  • .e / .emote now has a "knock" emote added
  • Secondary skill requirements for crafting certain items have been removed (i.e. you do not need both carpentry and tailoring to make a bed now). Affected craft skills: Basketweaving, Bowfletching, Carpentry, Tinkering
  • Two words: Seat. Dots. (Craftable by carpentry, called "bamboo stool"). 
  • Vendor item limit increased to 500 items. All existing vendors will automatically get upgraded.
  • New engraving system! Anyone can use the engraving tool to label basic pouches, bags, crates, or boxes. Anyone with 80 skill in a craft can label items made with that skill (for example, someone with 80 blacksmithing can re-name craftable armor). Anyone with GM skill can create a .look for an item made with that skill. Engraving tools are sold on the master farmer, master woodsman, and master metalsmith.
11/4/2019 12:54 pm

  • Added .grab from Grimmwold. You can now use .grab options and it will display a Gump to allow you to pick and choose specific things to grab or not grab. NOTE: It defaults to grabbing nothing, so make sure you set your options before you try to grab anything.
  • Added Uses Remaining property to all axe type weapons
  • Increased the weight players can carry
  • Main map update
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