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Discord Announcements Crossposted
Hello! I'm in the process of making Lock-Picking a more worthwhile skill. I am also trying to make hunting a bit more dynamic and am spawning treasure chests and puzzle-box chests throughout the world. Currently I have been working on Malas, (Summer Isles). As it stands at 40 lock-picking you will be able to open Level 1 chests, 60 LP Level 2, 80 LP Level 3 and 90 LP Level 4. Everyone no matter skill level can open the puzzle-boxes, however if the combination is wrong it will do damage. Treasure chests are brown/orange and Puzzle Boxes are gold.  Have so much fun with it---I certainly will!

Update: Ilshenar has been spawned with treasure chests throughout and puzzle-boxes. Level 1 (25), Level 2 (26), Level 3 (20), Level 4 (15), and Puzzle-Boxes (30). Have fun exploring and tell me if you think it's too little, too much, or a whole lot of fun!

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Attention Players , and especially estate owners. You should be aware by now that the mainland is considered hard-core RP that may develop into all manner of conflict. There maybe harsh words, RP fighting, PvP, kidnapping, assassination attempts, and other manner of medieval coercion. You are expected to participate in conflict RP. While we in the past have suggested people ask for OOC permission before hand, that is unrealistic in this situation -- simply participating in the mainland estates you are giving permission. However, if you have any personal hard limits such as no rape, torture, mutilation or perma-death, that is perfectly acceptable and you should put it in your .look.
There have been some manual updates for the following skills. In these particular cases, the game mechs have not changed, but the wiki was wrong. The wiki is now accurate:
Emlyn Leadership


Normally, we don’t post about leadership changes because honestly such things have happened often enough since the premise of the shard and the addition of RPCSS makes it so factions/groups gaining control and others ultimately losing it—however, because the current shift in Emlyn leadership has made it so Caitria, (who recently took up a position of admin again), has become the leader, we thought it might be a good idea to address the situation.

Ovadya, who currently is the ruler of Emlyn has decided to step down—this was his decision and was not prompted, and does not mean he won’t be actively playing here because I would cry if he left! However, since he stepped down, we needed a leader and asked all the players in the Emlyn chat who they would like… Most said that Caitria would be the best suited since she already was playing a character aligned with Emlyn.

When this occurred I and some of the other admins thought about how this would make it so that three of the five kingdoms would be currently ruled by characters owned by admins. The structure of Sanctuary (it’s lore and the premise), is rooted on conflict roleplay. This is the reality—one that many are not fully 100 percent comfortable with. While most like conflict RP, most are not ready to lead the conflict and unfortunately, it makes it so that the few who tend to be comfortable doing so, are admins—the job itself requires people who are comfortable handling conflict to begin with.

We are very thankful for Shak and Bunny, who are ruling the other two kingdoms, and for the slew of others who are not staffer/admins, which are running the plus 10, other estates. As always should you have questions my pm window, as that of the other admins, is open.

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