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Discord Announcements Crossposted
The ruling house of Andus is looking for new leadership. If you are interested in the fiction of this city and would like to run an RPCSS house please contact me immediately.
I have once again updated the Shard Plot Line question on the application with the hopes of providing more clarity. We are still getting players who don't understand the goal.

You will note as well, that the link to the Shard Plot Line page which explains the question in more depth has been updated as well.
Housing on the Mainland (Cuveinen) has been dropped by 90%. The weekly rent for an average house should be equal to the number of lock downs in the house. We hope that this will allow more people to afford to rent and decorate houses.

If you find a house which does not appear to be set properly, please page a staff member.
House prices on Summer Isle remain at 10x lock downs.
I would like to take a poll. This will be up for a few weeks. I would like to see what evening of the week would be best for people to play. I am setting the time constraint to 8 pm EST to 11 pm EST (5 - 8 pm PST). Please tick vote on the correct letter below for (M)on, (T)ue, (W)ed, T(H)u, (F)ri, (S)at, Su(N), or the Red X for can't make any of those evenings.

Tentative Plan

I am currently in SC taking care of my mother. I will be here for another few weeks. My plan is to come out of Hiatus for March. In the meantime we will be doing a review of shard bugs and preparing the storyline.

Given how busy everyone has been, I am going to change the expectations of houses significantly, and focus our efforts on American evenings and 1-3 prime days rather then 24/7. The poll (on discord) will be used to pick which evenings work best for the players.

Changes: Instead of EACH house having to hold one event a week we will hold "court" ONCE in a week with the location changing from week to week. House leaders will only be required to attend the single weekly event and post a rumor to earn their moves in RPCSS.

On the second day of the week we will have normal events such as hunting, crafting, pub night, etc.

The third night (if activity sustains it) will be reserved for ran player-run events, private house meetings, etc.

What you can do:
1. Vote on the poll (in Discord)
2. Contact Lara if you are a house leader or wish to be.
3. Set up your shops and decorate your houses
4. Tell your friends
Not Dead Yet!

With the onset of the coronavirus we have seen players returning to the chat room. Mith, Hal and I are happy to support a player community if there is one interested in playing. We have hired some staff and are open to hiring more. Noble houses are resetting, RPCSS will get a review, and I've posted a brief plot device for character discussion.

If you see this, come into Discord and see what is going on.
Hello guys. First a big thank you to all of you who have been holding down the fort and stirring up some interesting rp. I have heard nothing but good things about the rp events this week--and I'm looking forward in participating in upcoming ones. A bit of an update in terms of builds/map edits. Lara and I have decided on 13 new forts which we are adding. They are builds which were available and have been imported, they are NOT original builds. However, we will be stripping them down, editing them or even completely rebuilding them in the future. We just wanted to make sure we had something in place that was usable. If you have questions, I'm here.

P.S. We had a great rp event yesterday with eleven players online. If you are at home and looking for some rp, join us in game. If you just want someone to chat, come see us in discord.

[Image: Dali-Signature-3.jpg]
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As we all know, if we want role play we need to have players interested in logging on to the shard and stirring up role play. Therefore, please remember to vote daily on this top 100 site!

[Image: Dali-Signature-3.jpg]
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Update to skill swap.

[Image: Dali-Signature-3.jpg]
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I have done a massive review of all the outdoor spawns on Underhill.  I've bumped most of them up significantly and hopefully filled in the gaps of endless nothingness.  If you find a location that really is in need of a spawn, and can get the coordinates, please let me know.

All of the "undead" dungeons accessible from the western ruins of Summer Isle, the troll bridge and the fairy mound to the south have been reviewed. Those that were previously not spawned have now been spawned. They range in difficulty, proceed with caution. If you find any murder spots that you think can't be handled by a pair or trio, please let me know.
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