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Application: Armathragos
(Alright, in an effort to breathe some life back to the shard, let's make some new characters!... Because hey, why not?)

Discord ID:


Other Characters:

Szar'thas, Vladislaus Drachenrath

Character Name:


Character Race:

Blue Dragon (Traveler)

Alternate Graphic:

Gray Dragon (ID: 12)
Dark Indigo Color (ID: 2960)

[Image: Armathragos-Toon-Color-Preview.png]

Character Description:

In his true form, he is a magnificent reptilian beast of pure, draconic might! He has dark indigo-blue scales that seem to shimmer with an almost iridescent cobalt-blue sheen in direct sunlight. In darker areas, however, his scales may appear to have a much darker (almost black) tint!... He reaches a formidable height of 10 feet (305 cm) at his shoulder, and has a strong build consisting of sharp angles, jagged edges, pointy spines, and powerful muscles that seem to ripple underneath his scaled hide with every move. Being a "True Dragon", he has six limbs with two of them serving as wings. He also has a long, spined tail that tapers to a sharp point. His eyes have strikingly yellow sclerae and vertical pupils that are reminiscent of cat's eyes. He prefers to move with deliberation with as little wasted movement as possible.

In his human form (for all dragons of his kind are able to use innate magic to polymorph into a humanoid form of their choosing), he assumes the form of a good-looking human male with highly masculine features, indeterminable age, and tough and tightly-muscled build of a warrior. He has long, blue-ish black hair that he keeps neatly swept back from his face. He also appears to have a few jagged scars criss crossing his body here and there. Even in his human form, his irises remain yellow with vertical pupils. His gaze tends to be rather intense - whether he intends it or not.

He seems to have a proud and ruthless disposition, and has a regal and self-assured bearing about him.

[Image: armathragos-cropped-WIP-07.jpg]

Strengths & Weaknesses:

  • Loyal and dutiful.
  • Strong-willed and resolute.
  • Sense of honor and personal integrity.
  • Remarkably open-minded - for a big, proud dragon that is.
  • Ruthless and borderline cruel towards his foes.
  • Greedy and covetous of treasures.
  • Oftentimes proud to a fault.
  • Some anger issues.
Role-Playing Ability:

Aura of Dragon Fear, which is an inherent ability of all True Dragons originating from his world. He is able to generate an aura of fear which completely surrounds him. Any creature entering this aura should begin to feel horrible fear. This is not your typical "small prey vs. big predator" fear response, but something supernaturally induced that cranks your fright up to eleven.

He is, of course, able to suppress this aura whenever he wishes. It is not like he goes around with his aura at full blast all the given time.

(Using this ability against other players would, naturally require their OOC consent and willingness to play along. Optionally, dice rolls can also be used to determine whether or not the effect is successful.)

Previous World:

An unnamed medieval-fantasy world that has many quintessential fantasy races living within it. However, it is far from a perfect and peaceful land, but rather a dark world rife with war and conflict.. A world where tensions run high and loyalties are constantly tested; where both dragons and lesser creatures alike feud over territory, prestige, resources, religion, grudges... You know, all the usual reasons creatures from all walks of life tend to war with one another.


There was a war in the sky. When viewed from the ground below, the battle raging high in the midst of the storm clouds looked like a cyclone of claws and teeth!... Of countless blurry specks colliding violently against each other in constant clashes. With an intermittent flash of fire and lightning in the mix. Zipping and fluttering around like leaves in a tornado... Except in this metaphor each and every little “leaf” was actually a huge beast the size of a house!

It was truly a chaotic melee, in which two opposing forces were chasing and striking against one another in a furious, blood-thirsting frenzy! Throats were ripped open. Wings shredded. Bones broken. Torsos eviscerated.

Some of his foes Armathragos, the great blue scion of his generation, blasted out of the sky with his draconic breath! Crackling bolts of supercharged lightning sent many charred corpses of his former enemies falling out of the sky.

Blood, like rain, fell down upon the ground far below.

More often than not, it was the tearing of your wing's flying membrane that caused you to fall out of the sky. Armathragos’ claws and teeth found many-a-victim that fateful day, rending and tearing at his foes in savage fury. Not bothering to finish those who began to fall, it brought him grim satisfaction to see his hated enemies crippled and powerless as they plummeted down to their deaths!... He considered it fair turnaround and justice for his fallen brethren.

‘Brothers. Sisters. I shall see you all avenged!’

. . . . . . . . . .

Alas, at some point during the heated battle, something impacted against his back all of a sudden! He had not even sensed it coming, but something big and inordinately heavy had tackled him with so much force that it felt like a whole damn mountain had been dropped onto him - sending him plummeting down like a rock! The impact had broken some bones in his wings, which made it impossible to fly! On top of that, there was an accompanying pain in his chest that made it awfully hard to breathe.

He tried to twist around just so he could ravage his enemy! If he could not right himself in time, then in the very least he would take them with him!

It was a valiant effort.

. . . . . . . . . .

The next thing his mind registered that he was no longer falling. Instead, it felt like he was lying on some sort of hard surface.

What happened? Where was he? Why wasn’t he a heap of splattered gore smeared all across the mountainside?... Was he dead? Had he actually died? Was he in the afterlife?

Thinking was a sluggish affair, and regaining his full consciousness was a slow and gradual process. However, once he came to, it became painfully obvious that he had to be still among the living… Why, only something of flesh and blood could ache this much!

Everything hurt as if he had been buried under a whole landslide of rock! All of his muscles were so sore that they felt almost torn… His body felt as if it consisted of nothing but bruises, and all his bones ached almost as if they had all been fractured to some degree. 

However, as he stirred and shifted his limbs tentatively, he did not actually feel anything truly broken. Not even in his wings, which had most certainly been horrendously damaged just a few moments prior!... Furthermore, he felt that he was lying on a hard, rocky surface of some kind.

All of this brought forth a question one after another!... Why did he not feel worse than he did? How come some of his most grievous injuries were suddenly all gone?

…Also, what was that faint waft of scented smoke in the air?

He cracked an eye open, and found himself lying within a dark cave. There seemed to be  a few strange braziers giving off faint light in the distance. Turning his head in the opposite direction, he observed something even stranger… Murals and statues lining the far-end of the cavern wall - depicting dragons much like him, of all things!

While he was dumbfounded at the downright absurd sight, he also noted how the floor underneath him was not normal either… Why, it was as if it had been artificially smoothened to a near-perfect level! On top of that, he seemed to be lying inside a strange ring of some sort. It felt almost like one of those magic circles that humans and elves liked to use, even if a very minimalistic one.

This… All of this was bewildering. Utterly bizarre, even.

He decided that he needed some answers. And to that end, staying here was not an option.
Looks good! Thumbs up from me!
Thumbs up and approved!

I hope you have fun. Big Grin
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