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Krampusnacht Event
It's that time of year!


Join the good folk of Drokkburg as they celebrate that fiendish character known as Krampus. Partake in food, wine, and mirth as children and adults try to avoid the eye of Krampus!

Question is: Have YOU been naughty or nice? Take your chances in the streets with Krampus or find out in the Naughty or Nice gift exchange! (See details below)

When: Dec. 11 @ 8pm EST
Where: Drokkburg (Main Street and Motherhouse)


What is it?
A gift exchange!

How does it work?
Bring in at least one wrapped gift (box, bag, pouch) with a gift of your choice! It can be crafted, found, or gathered - the choice is yours! The only limitation is your imagination. Will the gift be nice? (useful, pretty, coveted) Or will it be naughty? ('Naughty' can be a gag gift, useless gift, scary gift) There is no limit on the number of gifts you bring.

What are the rules?
Nothing that can explode. No one wants to clean the bloody bits from the Motherhouse walls. Gifts will be passed out in a round robin fashion til each one is given away.

Who is invited?
Everyone who wishes to attend.
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