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Discord Id - Bean#5377 

Previous Characters - N/A

Character Name - Gigi

Character Race & Sub-Race - Hoggur, sub-race D&D Kobold

Alternate Graphic - Raptor (Green Goblin or Orc Scout can work as well)

Character Description -

Lightly sifting through markets and alleyways is a clay colored kobold. They sport a light marking at their muzzle accented with thin red eyes with two flaps extending behind the head. At a modest height of 4ft their soft feature make them look unassuming but beguiles the greed hidden in their gaze. Wardrobe consists of dark loose shorts and cropped grey shirt with long dark underclothes covering most of the skin. A reddish purple cloth wraps around their tail and one around the face as a bandana, this item in particular is very precious and rarely comes of willingly. Lastly, a mysterious blue glowing book rests on their person that which Gigi nor most people can read the contents of.

They speak in a soft though raspy tone but will communicate most things non-verbally when appropriate.

[Image: Gigi.png]

Shard Plot Line (Strengths & Weaknesses) - A curious thing to be attracted to places of great conflict, perhaps coincidence, fate or curse? They cant know for sure but the book will pull them along regardless.


  • Small and Light: Lacking in both the strength and weight to combat physical threats.
  • Greed: A strong desire to accumulate valuables and the lack of restraint to stop them.
  • Bandanna: Becomes very distressed without it.

  • Street-smarts: Useful for bustling towns and cities even without much raw intellect.
  • Arcane gifted: Unusually good with magic despite no prior training.

Special Role-play Ability - Blackout: In a pinch the magic within the book will overtake and control Gigi at its own will. This state greatly heightens both their knowledge and magic abilities but can risk too much raw magic running rampant. Although, this rarely lasts more than a few minuets.

Previous World - Gigi comes from a world both prospered by and wrecked by magic forces time and time again, mostly residing in the large cities where many different kinds gather.

Backstory -

Born with no ties to land nor any kobold colony Gigi lived life scavenging and working small jobs for food and shelter in local mountainside towns often leaving when trouble inevitably arose. They developed a knack for thievery and eventually the bare serviceable minimum wasn't enough. So many things were unusual or interesting and some were just nice but the urge to posses them grew despite a common sense not to. Although some people were not deserving stealing from, the warm cloth around their faced proved as much

Eventually, this led to the successful stealing of a passing wizards strange book at a far Oceanside cities marketplace. Marking the beginning of a life of great magic and clumsily stumbling into grand incidents from there on out. From accidentally putting to sleep an ancient rampaging dragon with a well timed collapsing tower followed by a concussion, to bringing back the right prickly plant to cure a sick town that painfully they had fallen into that same day. The book always pulled them to these places much to Gigi's curiosity and one day was no different as they dragged along through a dense thicket by the book leaving their old world behind.
Looks good!

Thumbs up.
I love them! This looks like a fun character!

Thumbs up!
Approved - Page us in #staff-attention in disc and one of us will get you set up.

I hope you have fun Smile
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