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Ostard Racing Sign-ups
Do you love the quirky, chirpy, and sometimes fickle nature of the adorable ostards? Do you love riding atop one, bounding through the lands and feeling the fragrant wind upon your face? Do you love... RACING?!

If you said yes to at least 2 two of these, you could be a lovely participant in the Ostard Races! Sign ups are happening now - just jot your name and the name of your beautiful ostard to this notice and we will register you in the races! Sign-ups start now and will last until 8/13/2021. The race will be held 8/15/2021 (time to be determined).

So simple! Sign up today!


We (who's we? only we know!) are extending the sign up for the Ostard races! Experienced or not, a good rider or a bad rider, whatever you are - whatever your goal (maybe prizes, maybe bragging rights) - sign up for an exciting race through the lovely lands of Tarafeyn! ]
Hailing from the southwest grasslands of Cuivienen, Rendethryn Stormsong and her steed, the Carigsay Comet! (aka Comet [aka Compost if he loses])
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