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Emlyn RPCSS / Estate Owner Application - Updated image
Discord ID - UOLife#2724

Previous Characters - Grimmwold, don't remember the name. Had a special ability

Character Name - Eli Dahmut

Character Race and Sub Race - Human

Alternate Graphic - - (tried to find a better image, still not a good fit)

Character Description - 

Eli is a young man standing 6’1 and medium build. Long white hair goes down to his shoulders. His warm blue eyes appear sharp with an almost perfectly round face. Walking with a well fashioned wooden stave, he seems to favor the right. His hands are long and slender, the tips appear worn down smooth with something that looks like burn marks. His voice is a quiet and clear, his blue eyes and white hair could people a warm feeling when listening to him.

His mouse color robes, cloak, and wizards hat seems to wrap around him in a comfortable way. The tip of his wizard’s hat seems to be always leaning to the person that’s talking to him. His hat shows some signs of wear and bears some recent singe marks.

Shard Plot Line - 

When he speaks there is no discernible accent. While he may appear to be ordinary, some people have rumored of being at ease around him and having a warm feeling. He lives well, and treats others well. Something inside of him burns to lead as he holds his virtues and leadership is needed in the lands as he looks towards Emlyn. His residence is at Kingdom of Kraestret (Capital Drökkburg) and it leaves him feeling uneasy and looking over his shoulder. At times he has sought a leader, yet none to be found. Though he doesn’t remember much of his very early childhood he keeps with him a book of Thorn King Religion. Perhaps he can find his place in Emlyn with new generations behind him and make the city a home for all.
Special roleplay ability: By the way he carries himself and of his virtues, people feel better when speaking truthfully and a weight is lifted off their shoulders.

Previous world: Inia

Inia was a place of wonder, mystery and fascination. The school of arts only admitted 12 students a year of any age as long as they can pass the first tests. With great achievements may come a great sacrifice for the cost of magic and to keep the talent. What was given to you by the gods could be taken away just as quickly and perhaps at the cost of your life.

Eli was lost to his family with no clear picture of how or why. He knows his strong values of being honorable and compassionate. He has seen and learned at an early age that magic is not good or evil, and that the caster is the person that makes the perception for others. He had stayed at the Shoe for a very long time and he knew it was time leave Summer Isle.
He doesn’t know the clear history of his family of who they were or what they did. The things that’s in him today that drives him had to have come from his parents. He sets out with wisdom and knowledge to write a few chapters in the history books.
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