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Lazarus Wolfram
Discord Id

Previous Characters

Character Name
Lazarus Wolfram

Character Race & Sub-Race
Race: Human Sub-Race: Vampire

Alternate Graphic

Character Description -
Lazarus was your average human in terms of weight and height, weighing around 185lbs and standing 5'11'' tall. His long, bright red hair turned pale once the curse afflicted him. Small beady yellow pupils line the center of his consistently glazed yet still predatory looking eyes. His unusually pale skin was normally covered by a black robe which he used to hide his face. After his latest failed experiment two fangs protruded from his upper jaw, giving him a slight overbite.

Shard Plot Line (Strengths & Weaknesses)
Lazarus holds a special place that would bring unique role play to the shard in the form that he is a completely neutral party as long as it either benefits him or he can learn something from it. Whoever offers the most benefit to his plans at the time, is who he will align himself with. The main weakness that could be exploited is his hatred for vampires. Lazarus feels he was cursed instead of gifted as some vampires see, and since accepting his fate he uses his "gifts" to find and hunt down all vampires he comes across. His other major weakness was a vice to alcohol and herbal substances.

Special Role-play Ability

Previous World
Lazarus hailed from the world of Nosgoth before the failed experiment brought him to Cuiviénen

Backstory -
Lazarus hated himself. He was cursed, and Lazarus had been doing all he could for the past 2 centuries trying to cure himself of the affliction which he'd been burdened with. He hated the fact that he couldn't control himself, or his hunger. It was constant, this thought constantly gnawing at the back of Lazarus' mind that he needed more blood. No matter how he tried the thought clouded his every moment. The hunger wouldn't ever subside, even if he'd just fed he still wanted more. Lazarus tried drinking himself into a slumber all the time, hoping if he'd sleep there wouldn't need to feed, and he'd get close, but never succeeding and only delaying the time till he'd stumble out from his seclusion in order to take another's life once more. All those times Lazarus had killed, all the lives he'd taken, and yet, couldn't find a way to be in control no matter how much guilt took him over. This world of Nosgoth had cursed Lazarus and he just wanted a way out of his suffering.

After a century and a half of this constant mental pain and agony Lazarus had finally succumbed to attempting necromancy looking for a way out. He had practiced for the next 50 years using his feeding victims to further Lazarus' knowledge of the dark art. Using the food for more than sustenance, but for knowledge, attempting to find a way out of this curse. His main problem holding him back from any sort of answer was Lazarus would continue to drink as he would study the effects of necromancy upon the food. Eventually humans became nothing but food and tools of study for him. Lazarus still hated the fact he couldn't control his hunger, but the act of killing no longer bothered him. Lazarus moved his studies more towards finding ways to circumvent the hunger instead of curing the curse all together. He eventually tracked down and captured another vampire, and he became Lazarus' prized possession, another vampire on which he could experiment freely and not fear the results.

As Lazarus continued his studies he attempted a hidden ritual on his new "friend". Taking a few preparation drinks of his favorite ale, Lazarus took a breath and chuckled as he looked at the test subject. "Today I think -hic I think I've got it. We're going to see if I can eliminate that little....hunger problem you're going through." Lazarus said laughing manically, staring at the blood deprived vampire. "And if you can solve my problem, maybe you might get out of here." Re-reading the incantation procedures, being sure the time was right, and that all the preparations were ready Lazarus decided to proceed.

In front of him stood a big frame of what looked like a door, this was another one of Lazarus' unfinished projects, he was attempting to find a way to create a doorway to other lands for him to explore and use to his own purposes. This was at the front point of the circle in which enclosed Lazarus, the test subject, a pot full of the blood of 100 humans, and a stone which held the soul of an ancient vampire, which Lazarus believed had evolved past the need for feeding. He noted everything was in order, and then proceeded to say the incantation, a light green vortex began to swirl around the circle encapsuling all inside. The further into the incantation Lazarus got, the thicker the mist became, and soon the blood began to swirl up from the pot, mixing into the mist, the blood swirled around, almost congealing with the mist, and the second stage began. The stone with the soul inside began to float up to the center point of the circle, a mysterious glow emanating from it, almost pulsating with life, as the glow intensified the test subject began to scream in agony, and Lazarus watched with intrigue as the soul was ripped from the subject's body, this bright ball of light now coming towards Lazarus at full speed, and merged with his body. Feeling a sudden surge of power coming from inside,  the hunger began to subside, and suddenly his buzz was gone, stone cold sober, Lazarus began to realize what had transpired. He'd actually absorbed the soul of the vampire he'd imprisoned, and never felt better.

Suddenly, Lazarus twisted his head when he heard a scream. "That's odd.." He pondered, considering there was no other living soul left other than the stone "That....that can't be." The vampire looked up and the stone was beginning to crack, as if the soul inside was trying to fight it's way out. Caught off guard by the newest development, Lazarus shoved the stone into a slot on the doorway he'd planned to use a human soul for. Suddenly the gem reformed, the cracks disappearing as the door began to emit a blue light ominously. Lazarus backed up, staring as the door shook and began to stabilize, suddenly a vortex like portal appearing in the frame of the door. Before he was able to react the vortex began to wildly suck everything inside with an enormous amount of force. Holding on to the nearest object but to no avail, he was sucked inside with it. Swirling through an unknown area, Lazarus had no control of his movements. He could move his limbs, but not control where he was going inside the vortex. Taking a moment to analyze his surroundings, he noted that it seemed to appear like a tunnel, of which there was only one way to go currently. Resigning himself to whatever fate lied at the end of this tunnel, unsure of what was to come, but accepting it all the same. Lazarus' former life in Nosgoth was no more..

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Hello, nice app!
I just wanted to clarify the race is Human and the subrace Vampire.

That said, thumbs up. And welcome
I see that as your special roleplay ability you are stating you will use the skill spirit speak to demonstrate it. This is quite fine if you wish to do this but the ability is offered as something that cannot be represented by game mechanics that you want your character to have:

Quote:However, you may document ONE ability that can not be represented by mechs, and doesn't require visual in-game support to sell. Please keep it to something that lasts no longer than the length of a RP session.

This is purely up to you, however, I wanted to give you the heads up in case you wish to change it now. If you do decide to change it, edit the app, then reply to us here that you did, so we can see. Smile

Thumbs up.
Non staff thumbs up for more vamps.
Edited the post slightly to fit the critiques by the staff. I appreciate the feedback.
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