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Postal System
One of the neatest, handiest, and most underutilized resources we have in game is the postal system. It does far more than just send letters and packages, it also serves as a means to connect crafters and characters without having to schedule the “right time” to meet up or hope for the best on a vendor. Registering as a crafter and requesting tradeskill work is more effective than using discord. It’s much easier to track and can reach far more people. Postal workers can be found within the same building as the banker in most cities.

With the postal system at your fingertips, you can:

+Send Mass Posts (awesome for newspapers, advertisements, etc)
+Send Packages
+Send Packages COD (recipient must pay for the package before removing it from their post box. Money is delivered to the sender's bank box. Warning! You must have space in your box for this or your gold will poof.)
+Send Letters
+Register as a Crafter
+Request Trade Skill Order

While most of this is self explanatory, let’s tackle the last two points above.

How to Register as a Crafter

  1. Visit your postal worker and single click on them. This will bring up a new menu.
  2. Choose “Register as a Crafter”. You do not have to choose all three trade skills you have but you must choose at least one to be registered. Only those skills you have selected will be logged and only those will you receive requests for. So if you are a tailoring chef but only choose cooking as your skill, you miss out on tailoring orders.
There is nothing else you have to do. The postal system will alert you as normal when you have new mail and the same message will pop when you have a request in your box. If you do get a request, read it carefully to ensure you can fulfill the order (or want to), then single click the book and choose “Accept order”. You can also decline the order in the same way.

Once you’ve fulfilled the order, it’s -highly- recommended you send it COD so you can get paid.

How to Request Trade Skill Order

  1. Visit your postal worker and single click on them.
  2. Select “Buy” and scroll to the bottom.
  3. Purchase the Order Request Book.
  4. Single click the Order Request Book and set the tradeskill you want to order from.
  5. Write in the book what you are seeking. Be detailed as this is going out to -everyone- who has registered in that craft. Let them know: color, quantity, engraving and look features (if applicable) and price. 
  6. Return to the postal worker and send this book like normal. Your book will now have a new tip window when you hover over it letting you know what time you sent the book, how many people declined based on a few values (such as price), and who has accepted it (if at all).

Easy Peasy! 
Delighted to see this! Excellent ideas and the clarity of fine detail shared is awesome!
Have a fantastic day!
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