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Shared Story Telling
I would like to take a moment to talk about some of the issues that caused last night's frustration. This is not directed at anyone, all parties involved have been talking to each other.  This is a general post to help others understand the rules and guidelines set up for the shard.

Evervale is PG
We understand that we are playing out adult storylines in a medieval world and harsh topics, including violence, are part of possible stories. And I also understand that many people find any type of rape joke to be in bad taste. Role-players definitely need to "read the room" when it comes to off-color humor anywhere on the shard. 

However, Evervale is rated PG which means the occasional swear word or subtle innuendo is acceptable, but crude rape jokes are not. 

Disrupting Events
While our rules for engagement specifically apply to the World Map, they are still a valid guideline for any event organized by someone:

"Your actions on the world map should always be in character actions. Events scheduled on the world map are in-character events. Do not disrupt role-play or events with OOC actions. If you have a role-play agenda for disrupting any world map event then you are obligated to actively role-play that you have done so. Make sure at the very least the event organizer knows the disruption had a role-play purpose."

This may not be clear enough, and we are going to work on creating clarity on this page.  But the point remains that we are a role-play shard, which means we are engaged in shared-story telling. Occasional side comments, glaring looks, and the dastardly smirk are perfectly normal on a shard where conflict is part of the storyline between characters. 

Disrupting another player's event to such an extent that the rest of the people can't role-play around it, ignore it, or tell the character to quit it, is not shared storytelling.  It's just rude.

I would like to take a moment to talk to everyone about the investment it takes to get and keep a shard active. Its not a few hours a day logging in to role-playing.  It's not running the occasional event. It is constant effort day in and day out. Many of you know what I'm talking about, some of you have not experienced what's involved.

That's okay, those of us who choose to put in the effort do it because we want people to have a place to play that they love being in. But if you are not happy, if you don't trust the staff and admin teams, if you don't feel this is a fair and safe world, and if you can't be positive and supportive then find a place to play where you do.  Don't stay here and try to tear us down from behind, either talk to us or move on. Everyone wants to look forward to spending time here - even staff.  

Having a bad day
This lasts goes without saying.  We are a community that wants to be supportive of ... well everything, but if you are having a bad day or get upset at something in game ... log off, walk away, take a break.  

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