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History and Current Status for Novochebay Estate
Novochebay is a large labyrinthine castle along the frigid northeastern coast in Midrvegr. The castle has been home to many in its lifetime and rumors drift time to time as to why those who inhabit it are never heard from again. The biota alone is enough to fuel the flames, but the sprawling estate itself is a harrowing visage that could lend some credence to the gossip. Those brave enough to approach the manor and walk beyond the gate will find buildings and structures of what a working castle would be, and while the fate of those that lived within the macabre walls is truly unknown, it's rumors and histories have yet to deter the most curious and determined to stake their claim here.

+Current News+
By order of Queen Brea, Nanja Kettunen was sent to Novochebay to investigate the absence of Lady Cicily and to take immediate claim of the estate. Upon arrival, Kettunen found no trace of the former lady and discovered the presence of hostile entities lurking about the darker corners. Since then, Nanja has split her time between two places to tend to her duties as Holl Modir and as Jarl, but seems eager to return to the estate each chance she gets to explore. A comment was overheard recently in which Nanja said to her queen: "When I asked if it was cursed, I was not being serious at all."
As Steward of Novochebay, Nanja Kettunen keeps the estate and all its holdings running and under sharp supervision. Jarl Valaar has been named by Queen Brea Wynne Wistari as Novochebay's newest holder. Both the Jarl and the Steward seem to be on friendly and perhaps even understanding terms, so much so that the Jarl has requested the Steward to stay on and continue her work there, as well as further her studies.

+Current News+
When news broke that the jottun Jarl Thoradin of Langadalr challenged their Queen's decision to name Valaar as High Jarl, the far eastern lords retreated to their respective war rooms to prepare for possibilities: new land, new holdings, and greater glory. Nanja was no different and prepared Novochebay for Jarl Valaar and for sport. A recent meeting with one of Thoradin's delegation turned into a hunt and sent the lords and ladies of Midrvegr racing across the kingdom to dispatch the rest.

During the hunt, Nanja was snatched by one of the jottun and taken back to Langadalr where she is now being held under lock and key. Demands were made by Jarl Thoradin and while no harm would come Novochebay's Steward, she would not be released until Valaar returned to the estate to take his place as rightful claimant. As it stands, Novochebay has not seen its Steward in almost a week, though rumor has it she's commanding upkeep from behind the walls of Langadalr by way of a brown carrier owl.
+Current News+
Six months have passed since the Red Robes, cultists of the god known as the Thorn King, rose up and unleashed their sinister plot onto the world, causing allies and friends to turn upon one another and have a hand in the slaughter of non-believers and non-Andals. Having watched first hand the chaos and destruction the group caused, Jarl Nanja has since kept a grim demeanor. She still splits her time between the estate and the Great Hall of Karrandal as the Hall Mother, but sources say she has changed quite a bit.

It is no secret that Nanja prefers the company of Gauth, as with any down time in the Great Hall the two are often seen chatting fondly or going over record books. As of late, a scant few people have caught a rare glimpse of Nanja's coquetry while with Gauth, but as fleeting as it is, they seem to not be sure if what they saw was true. 
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