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Kingdom of Emlyn
History and Current Status for the Kingdom of Emlyn
Quote:Oath of a chronographer

I shall be witness to history, that’s my strife and journey, my vocation.

I shall record the truth as it shall go down in history. I will neither judge
nor glorify, but record the events in the name of truth, following the codex
of chronographers.

May history bestow us with mercy.

~ Avina Rylan, chronographer of Emlyn

4. Moon, Day 22

A couple of two wizards going by the name Dahmut, who came their way from Kraestret, has taken Carleon Castle. While the status of nobility is still to be finally clarified, the common folk of Port Carleon already seems to accept them as noble blood.  Rumours has it, they came with big plans, so there are already voices rising, expecting them to bring major changes to the kingdom of Emlyn.

Since the latest loss of leadership, things started to go down for the kingdom of glory and valour and its once proud capital. Guards were no longer paid, so way was given to corruption, crime and chaos to take over, being the harbingers of decay. Poisonous beasts are roaming in the shadows of the outer town walls and even orcs make their way into the city to plunder.

The people of Port Carleon put high hopes in House Dahmut. Treasury was partly restored and recruiting of forces has been started. May history tell, if they will found another royal lineage and restore Emlyn’s former glory.

~ Avina Rylan, chronographer of Emlyn

[[This post shall depict the current situation to start with]]
4. Moon, Day 25

It is said, lasting changes come in small steps and it seems, this proofs as true. Not even a week has past since the Dahmuts occupied Carleon Castle. So far, still no one seems to oppose, rather the contrary. People seemed to be pleased with the actions taken.

Additional forces were recruited to secure the borders as well as the streets outside town walls. The guard got paid the first time within ages and the corrupt black sheep within were sorted out and banished from Port Carleon without much sensation. With the town being secured again, people started to clean the streets, so slowly, the proud city gets polished again.

All in all, the overall mood seems to brighten and the House Dahmut gains more sympathy and support. Yet, in the uptown, many still hope for the return of the old houses. Rebuilding a city is one thing. Yet, we wait with interest for the upcoming developments.

~ Avina Rylan, chronographer of Emlyn
5. Moon, Day 4

After further adjustments, especially regarding the guards and forces, social measures have been set into action. While all fighting forces get a safe salary now, including a turning system, so they can return home on a regular basis to see their families, social measurements were also put into action. Helpers are sought to take care of those who have no one else, also for returning soldiers, who have no family waiting for them. Rents are taken into recalculation as well.

So, in the light of the latest changes and the overall mood in Port Leon, the Dahmuts are declared nobles with the clear support of the citizens. Along with this declaration comes a new coat of arms:

A golden sun with seven rays of light enclosed by a silver crescent moon.

[Image: 41127426mg.png]

The symbols were explained the following:

The sun shows seven rays, resembling the seven virtues, Emlyn stands for:
Justice, Honor, Valor, Compassion, Humility, Honesty and Spirituality.

The moon stands as 8th element, as well as balancing the sun. Together, they shall stand for unity and balance, as well as the family’s connection to magic, while referring to the path of eight as well as the earliest myth established by the Noldorians and Dunedain, were the destroyed sacred trees rekindled as sun and moon.

The blue shield, bearing the crest is crowned, implying noble background, while the crown is framed by a pair of white wings, which are to symbolize freedom as high value.

By this day, the Kingdom of Emlyn has a new house of nobility, the house Dahmut.
May history keep their legacy.

~ Avina Rylan, chronographer of Emlyn
5. Moon, Day 10

History teaches us there is no light without shadow, no success without envy, no good without evil. Today, the city of Carleon barely dodged a tragedy. Lady Melinda Dahmut intended to distribute food from the town’s food chamber to the citizens, to cover the most urgent needs. Luckily, Lord Eli Dahmut insisted in testing the food beforehand, to find it befouled by deadly poison.

With great luck, this day might be forgotten soon, instead of marking a dark disaster in town’s history. It is yet not sure, if this was an attempt to disgrace the House Dahmut or just a left over from old times, targeting the former leadership. But the matter will be further investigated for sure. 
Furthermore, there are official requests set out for trustworthy people to fill vital positions and outer rim estates. The guard got reinforced once more and the food chamber shall be guarded from now on out.

May history reveal if today’s incident was a shadow from the past or an intrigue by an unknown force.

~ Avina Rylan, chronographer of Emlyn
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