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Lilitu's Wish List
2868 2349 dancing flames and logs firepit with sitting area stumps and rocks in a circle please

2875 2335 please delete, or replant this tree. no specific planting spot but prefer outter edges or corner, thank you.

Lilitu and Elli spend the morning discussing decoration ideas, in Tarasinau. Helping her settle into the home with the large court yard, she goes over her duties as a formality, giving her charge to oversee with the healers ward in Tarafeyn .

On a mission, to make things feel more familiar, she is inspired to have the dwarves work on a fire pit. She commissions the local team in construction to design such a place to bring the community together.

(thanks in advance)
Approved and done for the next update. Smile

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thank you very much ma'am
Absolutely no problem. Like I said before, these types of requests are easy and can be done quick. If you think of anything else, please do post.

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Could I please get a sitting picnick area in this location by the winery in tarafeyn? (2842 2525)

I'd like to host a wine an cheese tasting.

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This is an easy request and I will endeavor to get it done soon. If I don't post within a week, noting that I have done this it is likely because I forgot about it--please then poke me and remind me. Smile

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Done for next update!

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Low Priority Request

Coordinates: 2907 2411 in Tarasinau near the temple, east of it.

Id like to replace the cobble stone with grass or forest floor, pretty it up with some flowers?

Id appreciate a giant faerie ring the same size about the cobble stone area, using the giant mushrooms, and maybe some small decorative ones where you feel best.

My vision: A place to hold faerie rituals, instead of stone pillars making a circle, id like the giant mushrooms, with 8 equally spaced (best as possible, doesnt need to be perfect!) Giant crystal formations ( representing the 8 traditional holidays in the pagan year. ) Please color them if possible.
Bunny do you still wish this? If soo, its approved at the rate of 1 RPCSS gold for 30 mins worth of work. However, I tihnk you already did this -- and I can archive the thread?
this is no longer needed, thank you.
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