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Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 08-21-2019

I post most announcements in Discord, but not everyone uses that so I will cross post here as well, starting today.

RE: Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 08-21-2019

I have two forts available for two RPCSS guild houses/ noble houses. One is suitable for goblins, orcs, fen tads, boglings, etc. and the other is a knight's castle. I'm looking for a good guy PvP group for the knights castle. If you are interested and want to see the area just DM me.

I have had quite a number of interested parties but no applications yet, so its still available. If you were one of the people who spoke with me and expressed interest and are still interested, please get your application in so we can get you trained in RPCSS with everyone else.

RE: Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 08-21-2019

A Pre-AOS warning has been added to a handful of Wiki pages to remind players of the status of our updates.  If you took any of the skills listed in the see also link and are not happy with them, you may page for a skill swap to any other skill of your choice.

A Limited Functionality warning has been added to a handful of Wiki pages to remind players that some skills are disabled or have limited functionality. If you took any of the skills listed in the see also link and are not happy with them, you may page for a skill swap to any other skill of your choice.

RE: Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 08-22-2019

We have some additions and clarifications to our rules.  The concept of ICA=ICC vs OOC Consent has been updated under  Role-Play Etiquette as follows:

Similar to OOC Consent but not the same ...  Previous shards have required OOC consent between two players for any storylines that involved death, torture/rape, kidnapping or anything else listed in a players OOC section of the .look as a personal limit. However, with this new conflict driven shard, this could be abused to avoid in character consequences for in character actions. And that is not okay. Players should be prepared to stand for the consequences of their actions. Staff are available to help players negotiate if extreme actions are warranted by the characters actions, but all players should understand that some in character actions have personal emotional triggers and stop immediately or fade to black if requested.

Further our metagaming page has been clarified with the following points:

Metagaming can not be circumvented by the use of backstories or "all knowing" deities.

It is considered bad manners to: [...] Use another character's application as the basis for your own character's application without their permission. Character applications are OOC information.

Personal Limits
Players are allowed to put personal limits in their .look under OOC information. We are a community of shared storytellers and our goal is to tell stories everyone will enjoy. To that mind we encourage everyone to be respectful of real life challenges that may present as hard personal limits in role-play. On the other hand, participating in the main shard storyline will be fraught with medieval-theme conflict and consequences, players need to be prepared for the fact extreme storylines can and will happen. Admin are available to negotiate solutions.

Full Details Available here:

We hope this is clear, please contact an admin if you have any questions.

RE: Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 08-24-2019

Please be advised that while MOST of the items left on your corpse at the time of decay go back to your bank box, not all do. Mobs will loot things before decay, and it appears as if even then some items don't get return. This is by design, there should be some loss of items, just not everything, all the time.

RE: Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 08-31-2019

An Economy Review notice has been posted on a handful of craft and harvest skills as it relates to their crafting time and/or resource costs. A list of skills potentially effect by this review are listed on this page:

RE: Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 08-31-2019

The sheer number of new players has stretched our staff team to the limit. We are opening up staff training this coming week. The first training will be on Wed at Noon EST, and the second on Thursday at 8 pm EST. Everyone is welcome to come for training, but we will be picking players based on their knowledge of the community & scripts, as well as their availability and personality. Our team prefers relaxed, low key staff with excellent social skills.

If you are interested in participating, look for MOTD events for Staff Training for next week. If you have already been a member of my staff in good standing, you can by pass training and report for duty immediately.

RE: Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 09-01-2019

It is officially opening day!! We will officially be live after the update.

We are all very exited and hope you are as well. The World Map has been available for a while, but today begins the plotting and planning for all the politics and war mongering. Here are somethings for everyone to be aware of:

1. Housing on the mainland is available in most of the capitals, but you can be evicted from your home if control of the hex is taken by a rival faction.
2. If you did not page in game to get your world tag set you will not be able to go to the main land. We expect a lot of people to page for this today, so be patient.
3. Please read both the PvP Rules and the Rules of Engagement on the wiki.

And finally, our story ...

*It is with a last summer ale, a spiced meat pie, and farewell to friends that those of Summer Isle bid "Tenna enta lúmë", to the Grey Rider's safe haven and board their ships for the mainland. They pack up their newly constructed goods, their repaired armor, their supplies and their accounts. The cargo ships are full to the brim with people, animals and everything the nobility, court lords and landed knights need for the coming season.

The autumn harvest springs thick, lush, and golden on the fields and hills of Cuiveinen. Soldiers in their villages rush to thrash and bundle, pull and store, preserve and salt. They know that they must have enough food for their families before they are required to report to the castles and strongholds of their liege lords. For war is never far from erupting in this volatile land where heroes compete for land and power on behalf of their country, king, and god.

Many will return soon, perhaps even on the next ship, but the days of sun and socializing will be lost in the drama of pending war and political machinations. To each the Grey Rider bids health and healing hands, as the lords of Cuivienen once again take up the reins, to ride again into the dark sorrow for oath and bond.*

RE: Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 09-05-2019

The Rules of Engagement have been updated to include:

The World Map is In Character
Your actions on the world map should always be in character actions. Events scheduled on the world map are in character events. Do not disrupt role-play or events with OOC actions. If you have a role-play agenda for disrupting any world map event then you are obligated to actively role-play that you have done so. Make sure at the very least the event organizer knows the disruption had a role-play purpose.

RE: Discord Announcements Crossposted - Lara - 09-14-2019


You should get a test of "rumors from home". They will be either in your post office or in your bank box. They need a little more polishing for the RP value, but you can all see some examples of the type of information your PCs will receive about what is going on in the world of Cuiveinen.

The second stage of RPCSS rumors have been released to the Town Criers. Approach a town crier and say 'news' to him and he will give you some news from the mainland.