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New Player Q&A - Lara - 08-13-2019

Please note that most things can be found on the wiki, but some of the points addressed here are about pending changes and the questions we get asked most about them.  

Game Questions
First I'd like to simply remind everyone new to the community that these scripts are new to our players as well.  Please make an effort to check the wiki, then check UO guide, before asking questions.  Our player base has only been on these scripts for two weeks they are figuring things out as well.

Wiki Updates
We use a wiki because everyone can help update it.  User accounts are available to anyone who asks Lara, please support the community.  If you can answer a question in discord more than once, you can take a moment to put the information on the wiki and save everyone the hassle of answering it again and again.  

Client Size and Version
We use an older client and thus the max game size is 800x600, however we are working on upgrading to a new client.  Its a question of moving the art around and seeing what conflicts and what doesn't.  New Client was Release Monday May 25, 2020

We are in the process of spawning the Underhill/Ilshenar map and will have that to you just as soon as we are sure its tested and linked out. Update: Release Aug 18th, ahead of schedule

8/25/19: A secondary set of dungeons is in development - DONE

Main Land Spawns
Planned for May-June of 2020, now that we have the new client done.

Chivalry (Devotion), Ninjitsu (Deception), Bushido (Precision) as well as Necromancy and Spellweaving
These skills are in but functioning at limited capacity.  We are in the process of converting them to pre-aos and detangling their many little quirks.  Expect this all to be resolved by opening 9/1 at the earliest or just a bit after if we discover any "oh shit" in the code.  If you find that you took one of these and don't want to mess with it until its fixed, just page for a skill change.  We will offer another skill change when they are all fixed.

Chivalry (Devotion) - DONE

High Seas, Mysticism, Bard Masteries, other Masteries
Are waiting on art to be implemented, so sometime after the client is updated.  We have updated the new client, and these features are now able to be implemented.

Necro Reagents
We have figured out the problem with the NPC and will have necromancy reagents for sale by this Friday at the latest.  Update: Was released on the Tuesday, ahead of schedule.
Update 8/25/19: Visceral reaping has been released

I will add more as I see them come across my screen.

RE: New Player Q&A - Lara - 08-18-2019

The shard has only been open for a little over 2 weeks as of the date of this post.  The economy is slowly starting to develop but it will take at least another few weeks before players reach GM skills, set up more vendors, and stabilize pricing.  With the new hunting area opening today, and a new junk yard dog vendor being created it should be resolved soon.

A player economy is functioning - DONE

Junk Yard Vendor
We will be setting up a vendor to buy some of the things that drop on new player spawns.  He'll be over near the arrow cart just south east of the training fields by 8/22.

Removed because the solution broke with the New Client -- A Job system is being implemented

Arrows & Bandages
The opinion has been expressed that arrows and bandages take too long to craft.  We are in the process of reviewing the crafting system to balance out time spent to item value, which may very well change the crafting time on many items, including arrows and bandages.

The entire crafting system time has been reviewed and fixed as of November 2019.  There are still new systems to implement, but the existing ones have been standardized.

Skill Swap Weekends
We regularly offer skill swap weekends.  We don't have one scheduled yet, but just as soon as some of the big skill updates come in, you can expect us to announce that staff will be doing skill swaps for people.

Skill swap weekends have been changed to - On request, per player 1-2/month.

RE: New Player Q&A - Lara - 08-21-2019

Pre-AOS Skill Warning
A Pre-AOS warning has been added to a handful of Wiki pages to remind players of the status of our updates.  If you took any of the skills listed in the see also link and are not happy with them, you may page for a skill swap to any other skill of your choice.

Limited Functionality Warning
A Limited Functionality warning has been added to a handful of Wiki pages to remind players that some skills are disabled or have limited functionality. If you took any of the skills listed in the see also link and are not happy with them, you may page for a skill swap to any other skill of your choice.

Lockpicking and Cartography have been removed from this list - May 2020