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Bookskills training their skills - Maggie - 11-09-2020

I'm not sure if this goes here or if this is a bug.  It appears that book-skill trade-skills don't train their skills.  For instance, harvesting the lumberjacking reagents after you read the book doesn't train lumberjacking.  It would be very nice if it did, since 80 to 100 is a long way to go!  Same with other book skills, like wide loom for tailoring, etc.  It also just sort of makes sense that performing a specialized subset of a skill would help you get better at learning that skill, like when you start to master something irl.  Thank you for your consideration!

RE: Bookskills training their skills - Lyrrin - 11-20-2020

Hmmm, so book skills SHOULD be training their respective skills. I know I have gotten lumberjacking gains from herb harvesting. I will double-check this at some point though, maybe something isn't quite right. Going to move this to the bug board so we know to look into it.