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Aquarium Fish Not Decaying - Morde - 08-19-2020

Fish taken out of aquarium don't die or decay. Fish taken out of fish bowl do.

I have an aquarium and a fish bowl for catching fish. Being new to this and not knowing my way around it, I worked the hard way to remove unwanted fish from my catching bowl: Run back to the aquarium to put the fish in, remove catching bowl from my pack, then remove unwanted fish from my aquarium. It put the fish in my pack, alive and all. I did this several times before I realized I could easily remove the creature from the catching bowl by the item menu.

It's been days now and the fish in my pack still say it's a live aquarium fish and have suffered no death. But the fish I catch in my bowl, then remove, have a tool tip that says it's a live fish, but gasping for air. Within a couple minutes they decay to bones.

From what I could gather from UO sites, one can remove fish from their aquarium such as when moving/re-homing the aquarium but couldn't find out if the fish would actually decay in their pack in a set amount of time. I don't know if this is a big deal - it seems odd and would rather report it for possible bug. Maybe its by design. Right now I have a bunch of aquarium fish alive in my pack - some sources say you can sell the fish on a vendor but it would need a fish bowl.

RE: Aquarium Fish Not Decaying - Mithril - 09-19-2020

Hopeful fix for next update. I'm not very familiar with the aquariums...