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Requested Races - Lara - 07-02-2020

This thread is for the kingdom rulers to make requests to players for specific characters or races they are looking to have in their kingdoms.  

Heads, please give links, either to our wiki or to wikipedia when making a suggestion.  Please stick within the common shard lore and don't branch out requesting things that are not part of our general sources.

RE: Requested Races - Cele - 07-02-2020

Under the rule of Caelestia Roisin, Raedoria has become less welcoming to the human race. The High Fae specifically find succor within the walls of the duchy as well as most Muiri. While there is no malice towards visitors of other races, it is understood that Raedoria does not offer them a permanent home.

(Players of fae and muiri characters are welcome and encouraged to join Raedoria. It is more geared towards those magical races who are perhaps not comfortable with or fond of the human or other races. Feel free to message Cele here or on Discord for more info.)

RE: Requested Races - NirAntae - 07-03-2020

Kraestret, in addition to a general Germanic/Slavic 'gothic' type of flavor, is very much geared as a home for the "others", particularly those seen as "dark" or "dangerous" by most folk.

Humans of the sub-races of Vampir, Lycanthrope, Witch, Nemed; Alefeyn Drokkalfar, Svartalmane,  and Trow; Muiri Erlkin; and Hoggur Duergar, Smallfolk (esp. Bloodaxe or Undertree folk), or even Jot are particularly suitable.

RE: Requested Races - Lyrrin - 07-03-2020

Ahh Andus, a land of bright cities, ancient magic, and harsh deserts. 

In the cities you might find a mix of Humans and non-human races vying for political power or riches.
  • (Greco-Roman influence: for example, the Roman empire encompassed a large mix of people from Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East). 
Among the non-human races, many Hoggur abound, including the half-titan Euresu, mighty Minotaur warriors, and several cunning and industrious SmallFolk clans.
  • (example SmallFolk clans: Fenwings, Moppers, Goldmantle. Goldmantle could encompass dwarf miners and smiths, gnome and halfling inventors and artificers at Meissa, etc). 
Several nomadic peoples find their home here, too, though "home" is less a single place as it is a well-traveled route. These range from the mysterious Aldaayiein, to Human Dothraki-inspired horselords, to more peaceful clans of humans and Hoggur. 

Andus also attracts unsavory pirates that take advantage of Andus's position mid-way between east and west along the sea routes.
  • (examples: SmallFolk Moppers, Humans, Minotaurs, etc).
Finally, the deep deserts are known to host Summoned Creatures like golems and the jinn.

RE: Requested Races - Lara - 07-04-2020

Midrvegr is home to any Norse/Viking inspired character regardless of race. 

What we need more of are Jot, Alfarian, Huldra, and Rohirrim.

RE: Requested Races - Ovadya|Ethan - 07-05-2020

Emlyn is a Western European style kingdom of knights, mages, and craftsman. They are typically low on guile, high on honor. We accept all races but would particular love to see:

Human, Peredhil, Cathe Nghel, and Frem. 

Knightly RP of any persuasion will always be highly welcome too.